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Wine All the Time

<b>Weekend wine:</b> World Malbec day

Weekend wine: World Malbec day

It may not be a day one would normally mark on the calendar, but Apr. 17 is officially “World Malbec Day”
<b>Weekend wine:</b> An Ontario tasting

Weekend wine: An Ontario tasting

This week Vin takes us along on a visit to Guelph and other Ontario locations
<b>Weekend wine:</b> Murphy's Law

Weekend wine: Murphy's Law

This week, Vin finds new meaning in the phrase, Murphy's Law. Delicious new meaning
<b>Weekend wine:</b> The hunt is on

Weekend wine: The hunt is on

This week Vin shares a new list of 'must have' wines, limited time offerings and other temptations
<b>Weekend wine:</b> Labels and names

Weekend wine: Labels and names

This week Vin takes us inside the thoughts behind names of wines and images on labels
<b>Weekend wine</b> In for a penny

Weekend wine In for a penny

An inveterate bargain hunter, Vin shares his finds with readers. His finds and his limits
<b>Weekend Wine: </b>All for the best

Weekend Wine: All for the best

This week, Vin gives us the inside scoop about what's where and when
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Getting back to normal

Weekend Wine: Getting back to normal

This week, Vin offers some tips to help you find wines that offer a good quality to price ratio
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> All that sparkles...

Weekend Wine: All that sparkles...

We are entering the final week before the Holiday celebrations, and I am sure most of us are more concerned with getting our shopping finished than we are with the our choice of wines, though that, too, can be one more issue to deal with as time slip
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Christmas is coming

Weekend Wine: Christmas is coming

This week, Vin shares his picks for memorable holiday gifts