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Funeral Home Tablecloth

Tablecloth Supplies for Funeral Homes

Order various type of tablecloth and table décor items for decorating the funeral and memorial Hall from HY Supplies Inc, the wholesale tablecloth supplier in the USA and Canada.
Salon towels

Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

HY Supplies Inc is one of the salon towels suppliers providing Bleach resistant towels or bleach proof towels for beauty salon, nail, and tanning salon.
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Salon towels

HY Supplies Inc supplying a wide range of salon towels like bleach resistant towels or Bleach proof salon towels and Microfiber salon towels for salon purposes like hair washing, hair coloring and

Fluid Resistant Medical Gowns

HY Supplies Inc offering Fluid resistant, reusable, disposable, lightweight and loose fitted Medical protective gowns for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
Ozone in silver


As a volunteer HEALTH COACH I/we have had much success with using OZYGEN to promote well being. Almost every pathogen is anaerobic meaning they do not tolerate oxygen. This is very true with sleep

Round Walnut Table and Chairs

Round medium Walnut Table; 48" in diameter, extends to 78" with inserts, to Oval shape for dining. Includes 3 high-back chairs and 1 matching captain;s chair. In very good condition, very well built.