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Random Killing, Armed and Hammered rip up the Foxx (14 photos)

Having formed in 1984, Random Killing is on tour to mark their 35th anniversary

They haven't put out an official release in over two decades, but Canadian punk rock legends Random Killing continue to blow away legions of fans with their face-melting and ear-splitting shows wherever they're booked. 

Thursday night was no different at the Foxx Lounge Rock Bar and Hotdoggery on Dunlop Street in downtown Barrie, where a few dozen punk rockers witnessed the Toronto band belt out most of their classics, as they mark their 35th year of touring. 

Opening acts included fellow Toronto hardcore punk band Armed & Hammered, Sault Ste. Marie's Jack Spades, and local group The Speed Humps. 

Random Killing, whose origins date back to 1984, issued their first release, the seven-inch record Take Our Flag, in 1986. The band happened to have a few copies of the original vinyl pressing on hand at Thursday night's show after finding a box in the basement of one of the band members, said guitarist John Hajdu.

The band's recorded output includes cassette demos, seven-inches, EPs and a few CD compilations.

Their last official album was the 1997 CD Stranded

Hajdu said they were also able to located another box of the 12-inch EP This Whole World, released in 1989, but only brought three copies to the Barrie show and they were quickly snatched up.

They expect to have the original pressings on hand at subsequent shows for the 35th-anniversary run, including tonight at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. 

Some of the songs on Thursday's set list included Big Rock Star, Cars, Dogs and 12, which was featured on the popular children's television show Sesame Street in the 1990s

Random Killing closed out their set with the classic Patios and Beer, with every audience member invited up on the small stage to assist with gang vocals. They happily obliged. 

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