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'Intense, raw metal' coming to downtown Barrie

Vancouver's Svneatr will perform at the Queens on June 21 as part of cross-country tour


Vancouver's Svneatr will perform in Barrie on June 21 at the Queens Hotel as part of their cross-Canada tour.

The ferocious howl of wind, booming thunder that shakes your core, electric light that slices the sky. These are the sounds of relentless nature, and exactly what Svneatr invokes through the progressive black metal which they describe as “the sound of nature screaming back at you."

They released Chinook last year to rave reviews from around the world, and now with everything opening up, they are finally getting to play it live in June this year.

With two other albums under their belts, they take the raw feel from the first record, but humbly open themselves up as artists and that allows them to play whatever comes naturally. Taking a solid black metal template they bend it to create a diverse, atmospheric sound. Each song works individually but the album was intentionally written as one, larger piece of music.

They describe their latest release: “We think it will come as a shock to the original fanbase and open us up to the world. We expanded the guitar sound and added a lot of melodies and harmonies, clean vocals, and major chords. Many of the themes are political because it’s unavoidable, given how we talk about topics such as climate change or racism and how uncompromising we are when faced with challenges to our values as human beings. In the past, We’ve shrouded these ideas in metaphors and wordplay but on this record sometimes it's no secret what we’re saying. This may turn some people off, but it would be far worse to lend our voice to cowardice and hatred.”

Fans will be greeted by intense, raw metal. Real playing with no click tracks or backing tracks. No fluff. Punk ethos. They are recommended for fans of Opeth, Darkthrone, and Enslaved.

In additional news, Svneatr is also proud to announce their signing to Prosthetic Records for their third full-length album, which will be released via the Los Angeles label in due course.

For more information on the Barrie show, click here