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LETTER: Morneau's departure should usher change, says reader

A man who quits his job during the worst health and economic crisis, as NDP MP Charlie Angus pointed out, is no man worth keeping, Barrie resident writes
Minister of Finance in Barrie 2 2019-02-2
Former finance minister Bill Morneau takes questions from Georgian College students in this file photo from 2019. Shawn Gibson/BarrieToday

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The loss of a finance minister like Bill Morneau might have been keenly felt under different circumstances. The fault lies entirely with Morneau, but more so with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who made no attempt to atone for his family’s tangled dealings with the WE Charity.

As columnists and experts have stated, Trudeau quite liberally breaches the rules and protocols of the prime ministerial position as a matter of course and it's his ministers and MPs who must commit career suicide in order to bail him out.

Canadians should or ought to be fed up with the suspicious and illegitimate practices taking place under the Liberal government or any government. But there is something especially sordid about the pressure Mr. Trudeau exerts upon his ministers – first a justice minister and now a finance minister. They either go along with his malpractices or do not, the end result being career termination; ‘damned if you do, fired if you don’t.’

But the sheer audacity of Bill Morneau to blankly state to the media: “There’s a time when you’re the appropriate person in the role, and the time…when you’re not.”

How would he define his suitability in light of the WE scandal? His response is fairly nonchalant considering he has the prime minister’s blessing to apply for a top job with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Some people do wrong and fall from grace; others do wrong, but land safely thanks to the ‘golden parachute.’

Yes, Mr. Morneau gifted Western Canada with a pipeline to divvy up profits for several governments and corporations; there’s even an improved pension plan. But a man who quits his job during the worst health and economic crisis, as NDP MP Charlie Angus pointed out, is no man worth keeping.

Frankly, Mr. Morneau has an honesty problem. And all of this warrants a byelection in Toronto Centre riding.  

Christopher Mansour