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LETTER: Government will blame school boards if return to classes 'goes south'

The feeling is that the province is shifting blame ahead of return to school, letter writer says
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Recent press releases by the MPPs in Simcoe County are laying the base for pointing blame at school boards should the opening of schools during this pandemic prove a disaster. I hope school kids and teachers and staff manage, but clear and affirmative direction from the ministry has been peculiarly absent.

The effort since 2018 has been to cut school budgets, and it has succeeded. The funding hailed in the press release was money already in place but not distributed — on hold as the Ford government pressured to build larger class sizes and shrink the role of teachers. The inability of Ford and Lecce to follow plans already in place in several other countries shows narcissistic ignorance and — some might say — a hidden agenda to sabotage the unions and boards.

Our illustrious representatives have left all planning to the school boards. Therefore, do not be surprised that, when this goes south, they then turn to blame the school boards. It is the Conservative way — create a crisis, blame the opposition for the crisis, then act to install your original agenda to “solve the crisis.” We have seen this all before — in long-term care, environmental regulations, downloading to municipalities, health-care cuts, privatization efforts.

I ask all voters who supported Ford to remember what the MPPs you elected said. Remember their smug reliance on canned press releases that toe the party line. Remember that they have had little or no public presence in the ridings to help develop alternative plans. Remember that they have ignored the pleas of teachers, parents, and school boards since April. Never forget who really caused this crisis.

Dennis Rizzo