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<b>Movie Review:</b> The Magnificent Seven

Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven

For all of its faults and failings, The Magnificent Seven is just so much damned fun. And there haven't been a whole lot of just fun Westerns in a quite a while.
<b>Movie Review:</b> Snowden

Movie Review: Snowden

Snowden is, for the most part, pretty dull
<b>Movie Review:</b> Don't Breathe

Movie Review: Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe has nothing in common with modern horror films, there is nothing supernatural hiding behind the walls of the house they're breaking into, just a blind vet with a lot of rage.
<b>Movie review:</b> Sausage Party

Movie review: Sausage Party

Sausage Party is a Disney film, if old Walt had smoked a bowl with his animators. A film of contradictions and paradoxes, it is filled with moments of Pixar-ish emotional realism and questions of great import
<b>Movie Review:</b> Suicide Squad

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

If the motivation is to hurry the death of the comic book movie genre, they're doing a great job
<b>Movie Review:</b> Jason Bourne

Movie Review: Jason Bourne

This isn't a reboot or anything like that, it's more like the first volume in the next set of adventures featuring Jason Bourne
<b>Movie Review:</b> Midnight Special

Movie Review: Midnight Special

Made with a budget of maybe eighteen million, less than the craft services budget on some films playing in the multiplex, Midnight Special is a more emotional and evocative and awe-inspiring film than any twenty franchise films.
<b>Movie Review:</b> The BFG

Movie Review: The BFG

The BFG looks amazing, it looks brilliant and magical and will have you gasping at times, will have you gazing at the screen with a slight grin and wonderment. Streams will run uphill, dreams will be caught like butterflies.
<b>Movie Review:</b> The Conjuring 2

Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

A good, scary film that will make you jump and shout and there are moments that will crawl under your skin.
<b>Movie Review:</b> I Am Ali / Ali

Movie Review: I Am Ali / Ali

In the early hours of the morning of June 2, 2016, an asteroid exploded over Phoenix, Arizona. As June 2nd turned to June 3rd, the life of Muhammad Ali came to an end in Phoenix, Arizona. In its own amazing and awesome manner, it seems like the universe was trying to prepare us