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<b>Movie Review:</b> Doctor Strange

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a singular experience. Hallucinatory and yet somehow grounded, serious and at times quite funny, it is a film of paradoxes
<b>Movie Review:</b> The Accountant

Movie Review: The Accountant

The Accountant feels like it's based on a series of pulp books that came out when book store shelves were filled with Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan novels. That it is completely original only adds to the fun.
<b>Movie Review:</b> The Magnificent Seven

Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven

For all of its faults and failings, The Magnificent Seven is just so much damned fun. And there haven't been a whole lot of just fun Westerns in a quite a while.
<b>Movie Review:</b> Snowden

Movie Review: Snowden

Snowden is, for the most part, pretty dull
<b>Movie Review:</b> Don't Breathe

Movie Review: Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe has nothing in common with modern horror films, there is nothing supernatural hiding behind the walls of the house they're breaking into, just a blind vet with a lot of rage.
<b>Movie review:</b> Sausage Party

Movie review: Sausage Party

Sausage Party is a Disney film, if old Walt had smoked a bowl with his animators. A film of contradictions and paradoxes, it is filled with moments of Pixar-ish emotional realism and questions of great import
<b>Movie Review:</b> Suicide Squad

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

If the motivation is to hurry the death of the comic book movie genre, they're doing a great job
<b>Movie Review:</b> Jason Bourne

Movie Review: Jason Bourne

This isn't a reboot or anything like that, it's more like the first volume in the next set of adventures featuring Jason Bourne
<b>Movie Review:</b> Midnight Special

Movie Review: Midnight Special

Made with a budget of maybe eighteen million, less than the craft services budget on some films playing in the multiplex, Midnight Special is a more emotional and evocative and awe-inspiring film than any twenty franchise films.
<b>Movie Review:</b> The BFG

Movie Review: The BFG

The BFG looks amazing, it looks brilliant and magical and will have you gasping at times, will have you gazing at the screen with a slight grin and wonderment. Streams will run uphill, dreams will be caught like butterflies.