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Parenting By Nature more than just child's play

Parenting By Nature is located on Cedar Pointe Drive

Parenting By Nature isn’t just a local kids store.

The family-owned and -operated business has been around for 14 years, originating in Orillia as an e-commerce business before becoming a brick-and-mortar shop, eventually moving to Barrie three years ago into the current location at 15 Cedar Pointe Dr., Unit 4.

Gaining a customer base as a quality-over-quantity type store, owner Tamara Champion says making sure their items were safe for the little ones is Job 1.

“Definitely, our focus has always been providing safer options for families and the fact that we’ve been around for as long as we have is a sign that parents appreciate that,” Champion told BarrieToday.

“We started out bringing in products that were BPA-free before doing so was on anyone’s radar," she added. "We’ve actually seen a lot of that on the news and the way society is going where a few years later people start to be conscientious about what they use and then Health Canada jumps on board, too.”

Focusing on the five years old and under crowd, there are many items for new parents, such as nursing items and baby needs.

Parenting By Nature also has many clothes, toys and a wide selection of books, with the educational item being a hot seller.

“Books are definitely a big one for us and we have lots of people who come in to browse our book section as it is very carefully curated, as opposed to a huge book store and not really knowing what you’re looking for," Champion said. "We are very particular about books with beautiful artwork, poetry and things that stimulate the child’s mind.”

There are workshops as well for parents who are needing a little bit of advice on anything from baby carriers, newborn preparation and other information sessions.

Meanwhile, the Workshops and Mistletoe Footprints event allowed parents to bring the kids out and stamp their painted feet and leave festive footprints as a keepsake.

The most important thing Champion says about the store is, no matter what's happening, it's always welcoming to kids.

“We see a lot of kids come through the store, so we certainly try to keep it kid-friendly so mom and dad aren’t worried about letting them wander,” said Champion. “We really just value the role of the family and how kids are very adventurous and we want mom everyone one to feel welcome when they come in here.”

Parenting By Nature can be checked out by going in to the store or checking out their website at


Shawn Gibson

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