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Beauty and babes helps moms feel good

Bring the little one along while you relax and have your hair done

Beauty and Babes is more than just hair and make-up, it is all about self-care for those who really need it.

The salon, located at 94 Bayfield Street, has been open since early January and is becoming quite popular with moms who are looking to get their hair done while the little ones are being entertained by someone else. Owner Melissa Ferguson had been running the business out of her home previous to the new location near the corner of Bayfield and Ross Streets, but when word got out, the 28-year-old mom knew it was time to find a bigger spot.

“I had been working out my home under a different name but there was this one day when I looked around and saw about seven kids and realized it was time for change of location,” said Ferguson. “I am very lucky to have acquired a loyal customer base that seems to enjoy not just the work I do on their hair, but also what is provided as far as for their children; it’s almost like family get-togethers when appointments are made.”

A master hair stylist with a background in Early Childhood Education, Ferguson knew the idea was doable and as a mom knew it was needed.

Ferguson went back to work just 13 days after her baby was born late last year so she knows the trials and tribulations that a woman can go through.

On the website for Beauty and Babes, Ferguson gets deep into her own story which, a lot of the times is the story for many women; postpartum depression, the feeling of being alone, anxious and scared as well as just overall busy and stressed. Ferguson believes in her product because she lived its reasons for existing.

“Most new moms are so busy caring for their little one that they don’t get a chance to brush their hair let alone get it cut and done up,” said Ferguson. “There are lots of single moms who are really in need, but even in my case and others where my partner is helpful and a part of it all, there are times when moms are just unable to take care of themselves and by allowing that to happen, they feel even worse as the day goes on. We like to help moms leave here with a new energy and a new jump in their step.”

Ferguson has one staff member assisting her and when needed uses contractors to help out. Every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. there is a person on-site who is educated and able to care for the children while mom gets some much deserved “mom-time”. Kids are welcome anytime but that designated day is when the caregiver is available.

“We’re a beauty and community health and wellness centre,” said Ferguson. “Our prime mission is to focus on moms and making it easier for them to access things that they need to take care of while having their children here. Taking care of yourself really does play into mental health and mental well-being; we’re just trying to make it a little bit easier for people to do that.”

Ferguson recently joined the Barrie Chamber of Commerce and is a big supporter of local business connections and is hoping to pair Beauty and Babes up with other small companies soon.

“It means not having to pay for the advertising and just supporting each other,” said Ferguson. “I also like to think we’re like a community centre as I’ll have local people use the back room as a workshop periodically and that just helps both our traffic; as well we have an Infant Item Exchange here and that helps families keep down the costs on new items.”

Beauty and Babes will be at the From Our Kids To Yours Mom To Mom Sale at Eastview Arena on Saturday April 21 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Check out their website to learn more.



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