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Spa Lumina discusses injectables: What to know before you go

Spa Lumina, a top rated medi-spa in Barrie, has been providing enhanced laser and skin care services for men and women since 2005.

Spa Lumina, a top rated medi-spa in Barrie, has been providing enhanced laser and skin care services for men and women since 2005.  One of the services provided is injectables.

What are injectables?

Cosmetic injectables offer an alternative to more invasive procedures for people looking to correct the signs of aging, lessen the appearance of crow’s feet, to enhance features such as lips, and refresh/lift the face. Injectables are not only for when the signs of aging appear. They can be used as preventative solutions to  keep wrinkles away long before the 50s and 60s. People are finding that starting earlier with treatments helps slow the appearance of aging.

Injectables can also be therapeutic. BOTOX® is a Health Canada approved treatment for migraines and hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating).

Injectables at Spa Lumina

Spa Lumia offers BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVÉDERM® (Vycross series) on their own and as the basis of treatments like Soft Lift (a non-invasive face lift) and LUMINA LIFT, the spa’s exclusive service that combines Soft Lift and laser rejuvenation.

For your health and safety, Spa Lumina only uses proven, tested treatments known to provide results. There are many alternatives on the market; Spa Lumina encourages clients to do their research into the products and provider before embarking on a treatment plan. 

Spa Lumina prefers BOTOX® over Dysport®. BOTOX® has been approved for cosmetic treatments in Canada since 2001 and has had the most clinical studies and research to date.  BOTOX® is suitable for a range of fine lines, while Dysport® is primarily for glabellar (frown) lines. Spa Lumina notes that Dysport® also tends to “spread” more, whereas BOTOX® is more likely to remain where injected. Another alternative, Xeomin®, is promoted as a “natural and purified” alternative to BOTOX®. However, additives are not necessarily a bad thing. Additives in cosmetics are typically used to promote shelf stability and prevent harmful bacteria. Xeomin®, while a good alternative for those sensitive to BOTOX®, can have a slower onset action rate. It also diffuses differently than BOTOX®. 

Other products on the market include Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. With so many products out there, Spa Lumina encourages everyone to do their research, and be very clear on what these products can and cannot provide. Do not just focus on the price – a cheaper product may not provide the results you desire or be the safest option for your needs. Also ask when touch ups or repeated procedures are necessary, who does the injections, and what level of training the injector has. 

In their clinic, Spa Lumina is transparent about why they prefer treatments based around BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVÉDERM® and happy to answer all your questions. For your utmost safety, only the medi-spa’s doctor does the injectable treatments. Over the past 16 years, Spa Lumina has established itself as a centre of professional expertise and effective treatments. 

Want to learn more?

Contact Spa Lumina today to learn more about BOTOX ®, JUVÉDERM® and the many other services they provide to keep you looking confident, energized and empowered.