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Barrie Karate scores big win in acquiring Raki Sensei

Business owner says Raki Sensei's goal is to make Barrie Karate the best dojo in Canada
BARRIE KARATE spotlightimageSept 2021

When Barrie Karate owner Dan McDougall began his search for an instructor, he was thrilled when he hit upon Rakibul Islam Sensei in Japan. Raki Sensei, who is ranked among the elite of the elite in martial arts, had been teaching karate in Japan for 10 years.

“For me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In my 25 years, I’ve not come across someone with his calibre of experience," McDougall said.

Raki Sensei is a member of the Japan Karate Federation, the national governing body of sport karate in Japan, which is affiliated with the Japan Olympic Association. He’s also a qualified European Karate instructor, referee, and a member of JKF Wado-kai Japan. Raki Sensei brings a level of accomplishment at the age of 39, that any martial arts dojo would be proud to brag about.

"The calibre of ability at the level of the Japan Karate Federation is above that of the Olympics. If Barrie Karate had not brought Raki Sensei over from Japan, he would be officiating karate competitions at the Olympics," McDougall said.

Perhaps what is most notable about Raki Sensei is the respect he has garnered in Japan. He is not Japanese, he’s from Bangladesh, and the fact that the Japanese respect him and celebrated his skills is a testament to his character and abilities. The Japanese don’t easily accept outsiders instructing them on karate. McDougall said, “I’ve been teaching in Barrie for over 25 years and can see that Raki Sensei brings a level of discipline and focus that is inherent in the Japanese culture.”

Focus on discipline and character building

Traditional martial arts improve physical and mental strength, along with building good character. Raki Sensei is highly trained and effective at helping children focus and develop their full potential. He’s an expert in the practice of “kata," an integral part of martial arts training that emphasizes proper posture and position.

Raki Sensei will help children gain self-control and confidence. In martial arts, good behaviour is stressed in and out of class. And children will be taught to respect their instructor, their peers, and their parents. “Kids are taught to respect their parents as their first teacher. Requiring students to bow when they enter and exit the school is just a small example of the discipline that rubs off into all areas of their lives.”

Rather than playing video games, children are working on their physical and mental well-being. “Since Raki Sensei has been here, we’ve seen an increased level of attention, and increased interest in the discipline of karate. Raki Sensei is not only a strict teacher, he’s a fun teacher," McDougall said.

Raki Sensei is committed to the philosophy of “kaizen” which is constant and never-ending improvement. He will help move students of all ages to the next level. McDougall said, “When I first met Raki Sensei he declared that his goal is to make Barrie Karate the best dojo in Canada, which is a significant goal.”

Barrie Karate offers martial arts classes for children as young as four years old. The teen and adult programs focus on self-defence and conditioning, while teaching students how to create a more positive lifestyle. “The adults have as much fun as the kids, and they end up with friendships that last a lifetime," McDougall said.

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