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OPP concerned cannabis edibles getting into hands of youth

Cannabis infused 'gummies' and 'chocolates' have been reportedly consumed by youths in the area, who have subsequently been reported to the hospital
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The Collingwood and The Blue Mountains Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to raise awareness with regards to cannabis edibles given recent events this past month in Collingwood. The illegal items that are being manufactured and available for sale are getting into the hands of members of our community, in particular our youth. 

Presently cannabis edibles ware not available for retail sale until one year after the implementation of the Federal Cannabis Act.

It is legal for a person to manufacture and possess an unlimited amount in their dwelling house, however, the person could only possess and share up to 450 grams of these products in public as long as they are not manufactured with organic solvents. 

Contrary to inhaled cannabis, the effects of edibles are not immediately apparent which may cause over consumption for those who are unaware of the delayed effects or when ingested contrary to the directions on the package. Cannabis infused "gummies" and "chocolate" were recently consumed by youths in Collingwood resulting in the youths being transported to the hospital. 

Thankfully the involved youths did not have any long term effects however, this serves as a reminder that these types of edibles possess a delayed response and could result in an unintentional overdose resulting in hospitalization or possible long term health concerns. 

For more information on the regulations relating to the legalization of cannabis, please visit where you will find links to different resources.