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'Women in Simcoe County' pen open letter of support for Patrick Brown

Letter includes 100 signatures

A group calling itself 'Women in Simcoe County' has signed a letter of support for Patrick Brown.

The letter, written by Springwater Councillor Sandy McConkey, is being circulated via email and social media.

She describes herself as a 'strong supporter' of Brown but is also calling for justice for everyone. 

"I realized that many women in Simcoe County were just livid with what happened to Patrick," said McConkey. "They all said what was done was unfair. People just want due process." 

Titled, 'We Stand for Fairness. We Stand for Patrick Brown,' the letter includes 100 signatures from a cross-section of women of all ages and walks of life, according to McConkey. 

"The allegations against Patrick Brown and the events following have left us feeling disheartened; as supporters; as constituents; and as women.  We live in a precarious moment where the #MeToo movement has crossed into dangerous territory with no line when it becomes acceptable to destroy a man's career, reputation and life," the note reads.

The six-paragraph letter denounces how the allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Brown, who has vehemently said the allegations are false. 

The former leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party, who stepped down from his position late last month said Sunday he can disprove the accusations.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Brown wrote that he has been investigating the allegations reported by CTV News. He said specific details of the accusations from two unnamed women, which date back to when he was a federal MP, contain discrepancies that prove the accounts are false. Brown also alleged that both his accusers know CTV reporters socially, and the broadcaster left out a contradicting account from a witness.

"I will clear my name," Brown wrote in the post that has been shared more than 4,000 times. "THIS STORY IS FALSE."

The 'Women in Simcoe County' say the #MeToo movement began in support of victims of sexual harassment, abuse and sexual violence with 'real faces and names confronting their accused.

They say the movement 'sadly' ended up somewhere else in Brown's case.  

"In this instance we were presented with anonymous, faceless shadows presenting allegations of 'misconduct.' How is this brave? How is this empowering? How is this MeToo?" the letter states. 

Patrick has always stood up for the advancement of women's rights and and it's in the face of this 'injustice' that it's time for us to stand up for his, the women said. 

They say Brown has been "crucified' based on 'unproven, untested allegations.'

"It's time for fight for fairness, due process and equal rights," the letter said. "We stand for justice. We stand for Patrick Brown."

Patrick Brown replied to a tweet of the letter by McConkey with "Thank you Councillor McConkey!" 

Brown has not responded to multiple requests from to do an interview.

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