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Woman celebrates renewal of life with 'lungaversary'

Orillia woman has overcome many obstacles that come with a double lung transplant, while living life with gratitude in honour of her donor
2019-04-09 green shirts organ
Deanna Peacock, left, and Margot Crowder-Davidson, celebrated Peacock's 'lungaversary' this week. Contributed photo

This week, Deanna Peacock celebrated eight years of life following a double lung transplant July 21, 2012.

It was the Orillia woman's eighth ‘lungaversary’.  

Receiving the life saving call at 7:45 a.m. eight years ago is a moment that Peacock, her family and friends remember with joy and gratitude.

Having been diagnosed in 2007 with pulmonary fibrosis, Peacock was given a life expectancy of up to five years without the treatment of a double lung transplant.

A family chose to make a selfless decision to give the gift of life, to donate their mother’s organs, and Peacock was the fortunate recipient.

This journey before and after surgery has not been an easy one. But, with the support and love of family, caregivers, friends, and community Peacock has overcome many obstacles that come with a double lung transplant.

Peacock has learned to live a life of ‘new normals’, and sees life differently now. This new normal includes taking 43 tablets a day, constant tests and medical checkups, being extra vigilant especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and still living life fully with gratitude and honouring her donor.

Making the most of this COVID-19 time, Peacock and Margot Crowder Davidson, her friend, caregiver and advocacy partner, have been busy with creative ways of promoting organ donation in our ‘social distancing’ environment.  

This included flying the Organ Donor flag from their homes, asking friends and family to wear green shirts for Green Shirt day in April, and spending hours writing and posting her personal story to be published and shared at a later time. 

“We hope that this will inspire, give support, and answer questions for those on similar transplant journeys and that people will come to know through stories such as Peacock's that 'organ donation works.'

For more information to make an informed decision about organ donation and for information on how to register through your health card, driver’s license, and online, click here