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WATCH: Feds deploying mobile health units to help Ontario in fight against COVID-19

MHUs will provide an additional 200 hospital beds in the GTA

The Government of Canada will be deploying two mobile health units to assist Ontario in their COVID-19 response.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement today, pointing to the strain that January's spike in COVID-19 cases has put on Ontario hospitals.

"The situation is extremely serious," said Trudeau. "When we spoke last week I told Premier Ford we would be there to support Ontario with any assistance they need. Keeping you and your family safe is our top priority."

The federal government will be deploying two mobile health units to the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible in order to help relieve some of the capacity pressures that hospitals have been facing.

"This will provide up to 200 additional hospital beds and free up space for people who need ICU care," said Trudeau. "Each of the units can also provide vital medical equipment and supplies."

These units will be available to Ontario until May 1, 2021, depending on COVID-19 case load and ICU capacity in the province.

The MHUs will provide additional hospital beds and facilitate the transfer of non-critical care patients out of critical care to ensure those specialized resources are available for those who need it most. Each MHU has the capacity to include 100 hospital beds. The units will be staffed by the province.