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LETTER: Restrictions needed for Innisfil beaches, resident says

Non-residents should be charged to enter Innisfil Beach Park, says letter writer who has multiple suggestions for town staff
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Pavilion at Innisfil Beach Park. File Photo
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An open letter to the Town of Innisfil:

I have suggested to a few people that the beach at Innisfil Beach Park is very tiny. 

When you get a few families on it and include the beach sun shelters, there will be no space left for people to access the water and safely keep a six-foot spacing (for physical distancing).


* Use the beach as access only to the lake.

* People can sit on the west side of the walkway and still see the water.

* If your child is in the water, you should be, too — within arm's reach. That's a recommendation from the Ontario Lifesaving Society.

* Add a few truckloads of sand to the west side of the walkway — even get approval from the conservation authority if necessary. This sand could be removed in the fall and repurposed for winter roads.

* Charge non-residents when they enter the park. This money will help pay for some of the additional expenses this year. If they are still managing to get in, they should pay.

* Residents will gladly bring identification with them if it recovers some of the costs of extra security at the access points.

* Consider banning all sun shelters in the beach area. They take up prime real estate and allow people to take up space on the beach for extended periods of time and this prevents use by other people. 

* Consider wristbands — with a time limit (differentiated by) different colours for approximately three hours for different periods of time. This allows for fair sharing. It is just going to get busier especially on weekends. If someone leaves, another can be added in for the remainder of that period of time.

This might make it unattractive to someone travelling from a distance and very attractive and welcoming to our residents.

Full-day wristbands for residents at road end beaches, which are supposed to be for residents only.

Thank you to all the people working at all the parks. You are appreciated.

Diane Sykes