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It's so hot, even moose look for ways to cool off

Two large moose wandered down street, waded into Lake St. George and crossed the lake earlier today

It’s so hot even the moose are heading into local lakes for a swim and some relief from the heat wave.

This morning at about 9:45 a.m., Mike Duggan was quite startled to see a pair of large moose frolocking in his Lake St. George neighbourhood, just north of Orillia.

While he was hesitant to get too close to the massive mammals, he said they were “pretty large,” which is evidenced from the photo of one of the moose standing beside a fence which is at least six feet tall.

Duggan said the moose kept a close eye on him and he was careful to not make any sudden movements around the wild animals.

The moose walked down Cox Drive on the north shore of Lake St. George, wandered down to the water, waded in and swam over to a residence on Lake St. George Boulevard.

Duggan said he has witnessed deer in the area in the past, but had never seen a moose in the neighoubourhood.

Dave Dawson

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