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Helping women who've lost their eyebrows to chemotherapy

For the last three years, Caryl Baker Visage has partnered with RETHINK Breast Cancer
2018-10-03 Rethink Breast Cancer CBV
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For the last 3 years we’ve partnered with RETHINK Breast Cancer, in order to help benefit the women of the RETHINK society.

Example: their network of women currently going through chemo treatment, and post-treatment.

During this partnership, we at Caryl Baker Visage (CBV) donated $5,000 to the RETHINK charity, in addition to 50% of all the proceeds from our products/services, related to the months topic.

This year, we decided to focus on eyebrows!

For those that go through chemo, we learned that when their eyebrows are lost, they feel as though they have lost themselves and their femininity.

In order to somewhat help those affected, we asked RETHINK to provide us with six women from their network to do an eyebrow microblading, in order to provide them with a semi-permanent solution to their eyebrow lose, even when their treatment might become more aggressive.

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