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Comfort Keepers celebrating National Day of Joy in Barrie

Home-care company hosting Sundae Fun Day June 29
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As the last two years have made a profound impact on people and communities throughout the globe, Comfort Keepers, a market-leading provider of uplifting home care for seniors and adults who need assistance, is focusing its mission on spreading joy and purpose to individuals who need it the most.

This year’s theme is “Reclaim the Joy” to help people celebrate all of the simple things that bring them joy and happiness that they may have missed during the pandemic. Comfort Keepers is commemorating its fourth annual National Day of Joy on June 29 as a way to emphasize the importance of individuals finding joy, no matter their age, to boost their overall physical, mental and emotional health.

According to last year’s Comfort Keepers National Day of Joy survey, 80 per cent of Canadians believe the world needs more joy.  The same survey found that due to the pandemic, people missed out on going to dinner (78 per cent), seeing family and friends (76 per cent), travel (71 per cent) and other activities. As a brand that strives to never focus on loss, but all we can gain, Comfort Keepers is empowering their local offices, caregivers, seniors and communities to find ways to take back the moments of joy they missed the most.

To celebrate, the Comfort Keepers of Barrie will be hosting a Sundae Fun Day. This will take place on June 29, at 51 Churchill Dr. The deputy mayor will be present at 2 p.m.

“In our community, we have always celebrated the value and importance of connecting with family and friends, savouring the simple moments and not taking life for granted,” said Erika Rendon, owner. “Our amazing network of caregivers bring moments of joy to so many seniors every day of the year — even during the most challenging of times. We thank them for all of their dedication and support and encourage our community to do their part in reclaiming joy for themselves, friends and loved ones. It’s never too late to take back the joy we may have missed and inspire others to do the same.”

The company’s nationwide network of caregivers, also known as “Comfort Keepers,” deliver joy, purpose and uplifting support to seniors on this day — and every day. For more than 20 years, Comfort Keepers has made it their mission to not only help today’s seniors thrive and find joy and purpose every day, but also to invest, inspire and nurture the caregivers who care for them. According to another recent Comfort Keepers survey of nearly 1,000 Comfort Keepers caregivers, respondents reported being satisfied with the personal fulfilment gained in their job (90 per cent) and the flexibility of being an in-home care caregiver (93 per cent).

This year, the National Day of Joy is being celebrated in more than 100 locations nationwide where Comfort Keepers has a presence and will include both virtual and local celebrations and various social media extensions to help local communities inspire joy. For more information about the National Day of Joy, Comfort Keepers services, or to become a caregiver in the Barrie market, visit