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Colour-coding fire hydrants ongoing

Fire hydrants continue to go through testing
Fire Hydrant spraying
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Springwater Fire and Emergency Services is ensuring firefighters have critical information when time is limited and every second counts by installing colour-coded, reflective discs on fire hydrants to indicate water flow rates. 

The colour-coded discs indicate the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards on available fire flow – the amount of water in gallons per minute that each hydrant provides. Knowing this information enables firefighters to make quick decisions in life or death situations.

The Public Works Department has a regular maintenance program that involves flushing and flow testing hydrants in the township throughout the year. The initial 50 per cent have been tested and will be marked with the colour-coded, reflective discs and the remaining 50 per cent will be completed in 2018.

The township recently received permission from the Office of the Fire Marshal for the use of colour-coded, reflective discs as opposed to painting the hydrants which is normally required by the Ontario Fire Code. Further, the discs provide enhanced visibility at night and are more cost effective than the painted hydrants.