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Beertown welcoming ‘flexitarian’ couples for Valentine’s

With an extensive craft beer list, CEO says Beertown is also constantly perfecting its diverse lineup of beverage options

If you don't have plan for celebrating Valentine's Day, consider taking a drive to Beertown Barrie and treat your sweetheart to a romantic dinner meant for vegans and non-vegans alike.

“We like to think of our menu as the ultimate ‘flexitarian’ offering. As a result, we are a great destination to bring a newer partner or someone who has many dietary restrictions,” says Charcoal Group CEO Jody Palubiski.

One of Charcoal Group’s restaurants brands, and with several locations across Ontario, the Beertown Public House prides itself on catering to plant-based and gluten-free lovers.

“We have a delicious and savoury menu where there is truly something for everyone," Palubiski says. 

Besides gluten-friendly offerings, Palubiski says Beertown has some great brisket dishes, as well as steak, fish burgers and more.

“You can find something that really, really pleases you and it's crave-able. And you will want to come back again," he adds. 

Palubiski cites the personal satisfaction of going out to Beertown with his wife, who eats a plant-based diet, and have many choices about what they’d each like to eat.

“Think of Beertown as one of the best plant-based menu offerings out there," he says. 

With an extensive craft beer list, Palubiski says Beertown is also constantly perfecting its diverse lineup of beverage options to address different consumer needs.

“There are lots of interesting things you can do on a Valentine’s date, like playing with those stereotypical flavours that mesh with that special day, such as chocolate and strawberry.”

Palubiski defines the multi-flavoured dining experience at Beertown as a 'joy of discovery.'

“One of the things that we talk a lot about is a discovery shared," he says. "It’s a pleasure times two if you can experience something like this on a date night.”

While agreeing with those who say Valentine's Day should be every day, Palubiski also believes that's a point to sitting down and disconnecting from things that aren't as important, and to celebrate each other, whether that's a new or a long-lasting relationship.

“It's not simply what you see or hear, but also it's about what you taste and what you smell," he says. 

For those who instead wish to have a quiet night in, Beertown offers the 4-Pack You Malt My Heart, curated with some Valentine’s Day-inspired brews for takeout.

“Whether it's the mango sour, chocolate or strawberry, it's a nice cross-section of different flavours so that it provides an interactive experience that people can partake," he says. 

Although Valentine’s Day might be a perfect occasion for taking your partner out, Palubiski noted that the ‘sensory’ drinking experience is on year-round offer at the Beertown Public House.

“Quite frankly, it's not simply for Valentine's Day — we have a program that's a six feet long tasting paddle with 30 different beers when six people start playing Oh, did you try that?”

The Beertown Public House in south-end Barrie is at 12 Fairview Rd.

Other Beertown locations include Etobicoke, Waterloo, Guelph, Oakville, London, Cambridge, Burlington, and Toronto. A new location is set to open in Newmarket (East Gwillimbury) in April.