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Luduh Designated Driver

The Better Plan B


What makes us different from expensive taxis, UBER and limos?

We drive you in your vehicle home. 
This avoids the expenses related to maintaining a fleet of vehicles. 

We pass those savings onto you and focus on matching our customers with professional, responsible, and reliable drivers. This way you get all the benefits of a professional driving service in the comfort of your own vehicle.

LUDUH Corp. is currently operating Canada Wide. With Over 100 thousand employees and growing weekly. This convenient and affordable driving service provides drivers at a discounted rate by utilizing the customer's automobile. Professional, experienced drivers are fully background-screened, interviewed, over 25 and with the highest customer service in the industry. 

We hold partnerships with the local entertainment companies, restaurants to promote social responsibility.

LUDUH Corp is leading the way as a reliable and safe transportation alternative for when you know its not saft to drive.  



If you've already driven somewhere &  need to get your car home, Don't Worry about calling a taxi or an Uber having to pick your car up the next day.

Just request a pickup from LUDUH  where we drive you and you car home.


You and your company do not want to be affected by a guest or employee getting a DUI – OR WORSE – being involved in an accident on the way home.

You can avoid this liability by offering your guests and employees a safe ride home option with LUDUH, your corporate events can be worry free.


When you need a driver by the hour, our personal driving service provides convenience and luxury at an affordable rate. 

No matter how many stops you need to make, LUDUH has the answer, our personal driver will take you wherever you need to go in the comfort of your own vehicle.


 We can offer shuttle services to and from the event, Drive guest to their home/hotel in there vehicle we even have a event coordinator on site to arrange all this so you don't have to worry. All this without a hefty fee. 

Every package is tailored to the weddings needs and wants and we come up with the best solution for every budget.  


As soon as you notice police lights behind you, and you wonder if maybe you may have made the wrong decision on driving. 

Ask the officer to let you call LUDUH to get you and your car off the road or home, this will avoid a costly tow or impound fees 


If you have a medical treatment and cannot drive don't worry about calling a taxi to and from your treatment. Just book a pickup and a team will arrive to get both you and your car home.

Why Use A Designated 
Driving Service

Driving impaired, no matter if it is Drugs or Alcohol, is a dangerous combination that can lead to devastating consequences for both the individual and the public at large.

Not only does it put the driver's and their passenger’s life at risk, but it also endangers the lives of innocent bystanders.
Alcohol and drugs can impair a person's judgment, reaction time, and ability to make rational decisions.

Now put that judgement behind the wheel and you have a lethal weapon. The risks associated with impaired driving can result in severe injuries or even fatalities, which can have a lifelong impact on those involved as well as all of their families. 

It is crucial to remember that drinking and driving not only affects the individual but also the entire community.


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