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Everything King: The merits of a healthy grudge

Wendy's grudges have to do with the U.S. election and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Everything King (with Wendy King)

Doesn’t anybody know how to hold a good healthy grudge anymore??

Ever since the recent U.S. presidential election, I have not been able to get over this  feeling of outrage and anger. 

I thought I would dig deeper to see why the election and its aftermath is sticking in my craw.

We’ve all lived through lots of elections before. 

Many times the candidate we preferred didn’t win. We just move on. 

I wondered why this one is still annoying me.

It finally dawned on me: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That was the answer!

 Follow my train of thought if you dare!

That Christmas carol always bugged me as a kid. The mean reindeer won’t let Rudolph play in any reindeer games. They bullied him. The made fun of his shiny nose. They make him feel like an outcast. But then miraculously when Santa sees his worth and Rudolph saves Christmas — well,  then, then he is worth their time. They are all nice and sweet to him and include him in their activities and good ol’ Rudolph is supposed to suck it up and forgive!  If anyone had a solid reason for a grudge it was Rudy. He took the high road and let it go.

Clearly, after 5 decades, I have not.

This brings me back to my lingering issue over the American election.

Donald Trump insulted everyone in his path on the way to the White House. Women, Mexicans, African Americans, Muslims, generals, the media — you name ‘em, he slagged ‘em. 

Then before the world had time to give its collective head a shake came the excuses and the justifications.

“Maybe Trump was just kidding.” 

“He likely just said that stuff on the campaign trail but now he’ll be totally presidential.” 

“He misspoke.” 

“Trump was misquoted.”

I guess if there is a job in the wind any court jester can be painted as a prince.

Equally nauseating have been the Trump critics who called the guy every name in the books and now have done a complete 360.

Ben Carson

Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan

And the list goes on. 

How is it possible to think someone is a liar, cheat and a scam artist and within days change your mind so much so you could and would want to work for the guy? It is all so distasteful.

There’s not enough room in the dictionary for all the names and pictures that would show up beside the word HYPOCRITE!

While forgiveness is a true virtue — so is standing up for something in this life. You have to hold to your convictions.  

If you feel something is unjust you should say so. I think the thing I hate most in this world is fake people and flip floppers. Find a backbone! 

We should, of course, all aspire to be kind and accepting. I just can’t do it quite yet.

If you actually believe someone is a bad person or perhaps not a bad person but one who has said disgusting things — how do you just forget that in a few weeks? 

I will  eventually have to accept reality but not before I hang on to a tiny bit more disgust. 

For now, I will continue to call a scoundrel a scoundrel-elect. I  feel I owe it to the little red nosed reindeer who deserved so much better!