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Everything King: Oh Tim Allen, your voice is truly magical

Trivago guy? May you be infected with Skittlespox
Everything King (with Wendy King)

I spent the weekend avoiding any signs of football, super or otherwise, except for the snacks and the commercials.

Nobody does a heartwarming commercial better than Budweiser folks with horses or puppies — those are the only reason I would turn the channel to the Super Bowl. Those are brilliant. It is fun to see what the ad companies come up with every year.

Hallmark does some nice ones around Christmas.

The commercials for Pure Michigan, voiced by Tim Allen, are beautiful. They are so magical it makes me forget I have visited Michigan.

I imagine most people mute or fast forward through most everyday commercials but I like to watch them to see what the latest products are. I can tolerate most of them. I like the little Geico guy—he seems sweet and has a cute accent. Flo from the Insurance company seems nice. I could deal with her. I would also like to try out her fun price matching gun.

There are, however, a few that I just can’t stand. See if you agree or have your own list.  

I detest the Trivago guy. I don’t know if he is the head of the company or the son of the head of the company but he has got to go.

There have been many incarnations of Trivago dude — he’s had at least a few makeovers. He has gone from long hair to shorter hair, less smiling to more smiling, 5 o’clock shadow to clean shaven, shirt and jeans to a suit but in every single commercial he appears to me to be disheveled! It looks like he rolled out of bed in his clothes so how good can his motel stay have really been? When they had him tap dancing across the screen I had to look away.

Take a really long vacation Trivago guy! Bon Voyage!

Maybe even worse are those ads for Skittles. You know the ones, right? The one that sickens me is the high school boy talking with his friend and he announces he has “Skittlespox” and there is candy stuck all over his face.

The girl picks one off his face and eats it. Gross!!!!!! I refuse to taste THAT rainbow.

Then there is Cialis where couples stop immediately what they are doing (like hanging curtains) and stare creepily into each other’s eyes and before you know it they are soaking in separate claw foot bathtubs on a beach? Really? I don’t think a little pill can take you that far away from reality.

The only thing worse would be if Trivago guy was in the tub doing the Cialis commercials while snacking on Skittles.