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Everything King: Definitive proof that fake smiling is not fatal?

Hillary Clinton survived Friday's inauguration, didn't she?
fake smile

I know I have written before about Donald Trump and the path to the White House but indulge me once more to make a few observations about the recent inauguration.

As I have said before, what happens south of the border has a huge impact in so many ways on Canada and the rest of the world.

Maybe it is my background in news but I love this stuff — not so much the actual political back and forth — but the tradition and the pomp and pageantry. 

For my money, no one does a patriotic show better than the USA! 

If you can watch those military bands performing those glorious and rousing patriotic songs and not get choked up, you are stronger than I.

Here’s a few random observations of the day:

There are way too many stairs in Washington.  There are stairs at the White House, mega stairs at the Capital building, stairs up to Air Force One and my feet hurt just watching those women manage heels and stairs while smiling elegantly. 

I would have asked for a chair halfway down or a military piggy back ride to my seat.

Washington women must have good shopping. 

They all had the most beautiful winter coats. They were long and fashionable and colourful. 

Mine barely covers my butt and makes me look like the Michelin Man.

The Trump family has a lot of hair and teeth. I believe they must exceed their personal allotment of hair gel and toothpaste. 

I think someone should explain to the new president that you are supposed to match your foundation to your skin tone and blend! 

Orange is not a skintone!

Everyone at the actual inauguration looked positively miserable with the exception of Barack Obama. 

He looked like the weight of the world had just been lifted off his shoulders and that is probably literally true. 

Michelle Obama seemed to be taking it especially hard like she was holding back tears. 

I sensed some fear in her face about what may be to come or she was just overcome by the emotion of the day but she seemed like she was having a hard time with goodbye.

I also don't think she wanted to hug and kiss Trump — it was a half hug at best and I don't blame her.

You will not die from fake smiling! 

I know this for sure after watching Hillary Clinton have to sit through that inaugural speech. 

I sincerely felt her heartbreak. 

She gave it the good fight and I respect her. 

A lady to the end.

I may have seen a hint of humbleness when Donald Trump was alone on the stairs of the Capital hallway  before his introduction. 

He looked a little scared, didn’t he? 

It didn’t last long but in that brief moment I think I saw a regular man in an extraordinary moment.

Melania looked lovely.

There were times , though, that  I swear the bubble over her head would have read  “just a few more hours and I can get the heck out of this town and back to my New York penthouse” or perhaps “why couldn’t I have  just married a nice boy from Slovenia?”

20 minutes after the ceremony Vice President Joe Biden was schlepping his own suitcase to the train to leave town.

Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? That’s about how long the appreciation lasts, folks!

And my final observation was that the new POTUS used a lot of pens to sign his first executive orders. 

Could have been a cost saving there—just sayin’. 

(I know its tradition!)

So, the never ending presidential election is finally over. Let’s hope for success!. 

It is in all of our best interests for this to work out. 


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