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Window tinting and detailing add value to your vehicle

Precision Auto Care offers professional friendly service

There are many different aftermarket products and services that vehicle owners can consider to enhance the look, security, and value of their car or truck. One very popular option is automotive window tinting, a service that can give a stylish appearance to any vehicle.

For obvious reasons, most people choose to get their windows tinted simply because it looks good. However, there are many benefits to window tinting not always considered by customers.

“We use only the best products on the market today paired with the most up to date technology. We offer a high performance Nano-Ceramic Window Film made by XPEL which is recognized by the skin cancer foundation to help prevent exposure to harmful UV rays,” said Ryan Khan, owner and operator of Precision Auto Care in Barrie. “I’ve tinted vehicles for clients who have photosensitivity and skin cancer. The window tint provides SPF 1000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect their face and arms. It’s also good for people who may be sensitive to light. My son was diagnosed with Autism at an early age, and sometimes experiences hypersensitivity to bright lights, and enjoys feeling comfortable riding around in our family vehicle that I’ve tinted.”

According to Khan, every single vehicle on the road should have window tint. A few factors to consider when deciding to get your vehicle tinted include increased resale value, moderating internal temperatures during the summer, reducing glare, protecting the interior fabrics and surfaces, and safety in the event of an accident or theft prevention.

While there are many options to choose for the shade of tint (measured by a percentage of light transparency), Ryan says it’s important to maintain maximum visibility on the front and rear windows for legal and safety reasons. “You want to have privacy, but you also want to be able to see clearly.”

After you’ve decided to get your tinting done at Precision Auto Care, whether you’ve purchased a new vehicle or a used vehicle, Khan says he also offers a variety of auto detailing services to help protect and maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Services include chip protection on the front hood and other high impact areas to extend the life of your paint, headlight restoration, ceramic coatings or waxes to add additional lasting shine and protection, and full interior deep cleaning to keep your car fresh and sanitized. For detailing, Ryan recommends at least a couple visits a year.

“Detailing a few times annually definitely improves the overall condition of the vehicle, especially if you’re going to sell it or want to keep it looking new for many years to come. With the high prices of vehicles today I believe strongly in protecting your investment.”

When it comes to auto detailing or window tinting Khan takes a passionate approach to his business. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry he prides himself in offering a friendly environment to customers, ensuring he goes above and beyond expectations.

“Customer satisfaction is very important to me and I strive everyday to give my best so everyone drives away happy,” he said. “I always want to ensure my customers feel welcomed and are pleased with the work completed. “My overall goal is to provide great service at a fair price and build relationships with customers for years to come!”

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