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Thinking about taking cannabis to the next level? Consider these tips first

The Budtenders at House of Cannabis in Barrie can help you discover new products

So, you’ve smoked a joint or two, maybe tried an edible, or partook in a cannabis drink before. Now that you’ve stepped into the world of cannabis, perhaps it’s time to take your consumption to the next level.

Finding the right mix for every individual is a delicate balance, but once you’ve discovered that happy medium of cannabis, it might be time to open your horizons to other products on the market.

The House of Cannabis in Barrie has a dynamic range of products for people of all cannabis levels, from the canna-curious, to the seasoned cannabis veterans. If you’ve dabbled in weed and wondering what else is out there, the budtenders at The House of Cannabis can find the right product for you.

Gillian Marsden is the store manager and suggests customers looking to take their cannabis consumption to the next level can begin to pair cannabis products together. THC and CBD working in conjunction produces something called “the entourage effect.”

It’s THC and CBD piggybacking together, so you get the effects of both cannabinoids together. A low-dose THC cannabis drink combined with a pre-roll or vape gives the “entourage effect”, as would anyone partaking in cannabis flower, pre-rolls or concentrates on their own.

“If you are new, but you still want to ramp it up a little bit, you could do a couple of different things,” Marsden said. “You could do a 2 milligram or 5 milligram drink and a 0.25 pre-roll. You’re still getting the effects of the drink and the pre-roll.”

Think of it like vitamins working together; a mix of THC and CBD cannabinoids, which gives a greater effect compared to them being consumed separately. Since cannabis drinks or edibles have extracted isolated THC and CBD, you don’t get the benefits from the terpenes as you would in cannabis’ flower form.

If you want to get high, a cannabis drink or edible will get you there, but compared to smoking or vaping cannabis, you won’t experience any of those additional compounds and therefore effects from simply smoking or vaping.

“You’re not getting any terpenes, so that takes away the entourage effect,” Marsden said. “So, you’re just going to get high. You’re not necessarily going to get high and feel euphoric or feel relaxed. It’s just going to be high.”

Another option is a cannabis sublingual oil or strip that melts under your tongue. It works just as fast as smoking weed, and you don’t have to wait around for 20-30 minutes to feel its effect, unlike an edible or a drink.

CBD isolate is something else people are experimenting with, basically pure CBD in powder form. You can smoke it, eat it, vape it, or even mix it into your hand cream or body lotion to make your own CBD topical cream.

If you consume CBD regularly anyway, Marsden says going with a CBD isolate can provide good value in the long run. “I think something that’s that versatile that you can use in every consumption method is a good bang for your buck,” Marsden said.

There are tonnes of cannabis products on the market, but if you’re considering something new from The House of Cannabis, their budtenders can point you in the right direction.

Visit their store in Barrie at 66 Dunlop Street West, or place an order online for same-day delivery.