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Simcoe Wealth Manulife Securities Incorporated in Barrie is committed to giving back to their community

Certified Financial Planner® Josh Krar is focused on being a good neighbour

With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Certified Financial Planner®, Josh Krar, along with his business partner Patrick Beauchamp, founded Simcoe Wealth I Manulife Securities Incorporated in Barrie in 2021. It is a full-service brokerage that offers holistic financial services that put their personal and corporate clients first. Certified Financial Planner® Josh Krar says, “I have a broad knowledge of taxation, investing, and retirement planning experience to help my clients feel prepared and secure about their financial future.” While he is dedicated to helping adults build their wealth, Krar is passionate about helping kids build their self-confidence. 

Helping kids chase their dreams 

An avid athlete his entire life, Krar enjoys sponsoring and volunteering with organizations that support children. He says, “We’re very community based and always looking for ways to give back. I spend lots of time volunteering.” He’s on the parent council at the Minesing Central Public School within the Simcoe County District School Board, involved in the Minesing Minor Ball League, and a sponsor within the Barrie Christian Hockey League. Krar has seen firsthand how participation in sports can build a child’s self esteem. 

He recounts one case of a 5-year-old boy who recently lost his father. The boy’s mother couldn’t afford to pay for her son to play on an organized team. But Krar sponsored the child to ensure he could play on the Timbits Team.  Krar says, “The first day on the ice, the boy couldn’t skate or even stand up. By the end of the year, he was flying around the ice. His grandparents came up to say thank you for making this possible for him. For me, that’s the greatest reward.” Volunteering has always been important to Krar. As a teenager he volunteered with the Special Olympics. 

A Certified Financial Planner® and Financial Coach 

Krar creates a full financial plan for every client and then discusses with them how it can be improved. He works with estate and accounting partners to ensure his clients are connected to all the resources they need. This is done with full transparency and disclosure about fees.  

A Certified Financial Planner®, Josh Krar helps take the emotion out of the equation. A client may be upset that they missed an opportunity to buy a hot stock. But Krar helps them understand that emotional decisions may lead to mistakes. “We try to ensure the client understands that just because they missed one opportunity, it doesn’t mean they need to go chasing investments. Because when emotion is involved, you can mess up your financial plan and long-term goals and objectives and you can become a hindrance to achieving those goals.”  

Just like a good coach, a good Certified Financial Planner® will get you on the right track to help meet your goals and objectives. Krar says, “If you have a financial plan in place and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, you can ride out the rough times. You won’t sell and sit on the sidelines causing long-term damage to your goals and objectives.”  

Josh Krar’s goal is to ensure that every prospective client gets the experience that he would want and what they deserve. He says, “I have conversations with them so that they feel more empowered and better educated. When they leave my office, whether they decide to work with me or not, they are set on a path to make better educated decisions going forward.” 

At Simcoe Wealth I Manulife Securities Incorporated the team believes that they succeed when their clients succeed. Consultations are free.

Contact Certified Financial Planner® Josh Krar at (705) 734-0480, via email [email protected], or online at

Certified Financial Planner®, Josh Krar