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Pursue your dream: The transformative value of a Graduate Studies Degree at Laurentian University

Unlocking opportunities, innovation, and expertise for career advancement and personal growth while enriching your community

Laurentian University’s graduate studies programs offer an enriching educational experience for individuals seeking personal growth and career advancement. Laurentian offers a diverse array of programs tailored to meet regional demands with a national and international reach.

Students can choose between 34 master’s degree programs and 9 doctorate programs, many of which are available in French. “Graduate education is about life-long learning, about developing one’s curiosity in a specific field, and about challenging one’s analytical and problem-solving skills to expand existing knowledge,” said Dr. Tammy Eger, Vice-President of Research.


Unique graduate studies programs

Communities and industries across the north and indeed throughout the province rely on a labour pool of uniquely qualified individuals who will lead in their domains and be trailblazers in developing future knowledge.

A few examples of Laurentian University’s impactful graduate programs include:

  • Science Communication: In partnership with Science North, Laurentian University’s Science Communication graduate students become leading experts at communicating complex science to diverse communities. Dr. Eger says, “With all of the disinformation and misinformation in today’s world, regardless of your background, knowing how to communicate scientific information which then becomes accessible to all is essential.”
  • Architecture: At the McEwen School of Architecture, the master’s program in Architecture is innovative and unique. Beyond the very hands-on experiential learning students gain, sustainable design and Indigenous worldviews which deeply enrich the discipline of architecture, are at the core of the program.
  • Mining and Critical Minerals: Laurentian University has been an intrinsic part of Ontario’s mineral exploration and mining industry for more than six decades, offering unique opportunities to graduate students who are looking to upskill.
    Graduate programs are offered in Geology and Applied Mineral Exploration through the Harquail School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Science through the Bharti School of Engineering and Computer Science. Furthermore, students can choose from course-based and research stream options at the master’s level.
    Eger went on to say, “PhD programs in Engineering Science and Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology attract graduate students from around the world to study with world-class faculty, often in collaboration with leading industry partners in a natural lab environment not replicated anywhere else in the world.”
  • Indigenous Relations: Exploring, understanding, and imparting Indigenous worldviews is critical to developing relationships and collaborations with Indigenous Peoples. According to Dr. Eger, Laurentian’s Master’s of Indigenous Relations program is unique, “allowing graduates an opportunity to engage in land-based learning and classroom discussions designed to explore Indigenous traditional teachings, theories, practices, and perspectives.”


Why choose Laurentian University?

Graduate students at Laurentian are challenged with a rigorous curriculum and guided by experienced faculty. Dr. Eger says, “graduate students at Laurentian benefit not only from personalized mentorship from experts in their field of study but also from a training environment that cultivates critical thinking skills which are invaluable in today’s competitive job market.”

Students also benefit from the natural environment surrounding the university campus, says Dr. Eger, “graduate students in Biology, Boreal Ecology, and Rural and Northern Health, to name a few, are often studying on the land and applying their research to remediate the natural landscape or improve community health.”

Students also have the flexibility to study topics that cross several disciplines. According to Dr. Eger, “the doctoral program in Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity allows students to apply an interdisciplinary lens to understand complex issues facing society.”


Addressing Real-World Problems

The university’s commitment to research and innovation offers an exceptional platform to participate in groundbreaking research. Students can contribute to advancements and solutions that address real-world problems.

Dr. Eger adds, “Many graduate programs offer hands-on experience, internships, and industry partnerships, providing students with valuable real-world skills and connections. This prepares graduates to seamlessly transition into their desired careers and made immediate contributions in their respective fields.”

For instance, there is incredible work being done at the McEwen School of Architecture in thinking about how to re-design houses with advanced manufacturing techniques to address the housing crisis.

Graduate students in Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work are looking at ways of addressing issues around mental health, addictions, and homelessness. Computer Science graduate students are working with companies on practical applications of artificial intelligence. “Our PhD program in Boreal Ecology is working on bioremediation and clean water technologies that are being used in advanced sustainable environments, and Human Kinetics graduate students work closely with industry and community partners to find solutions to occupational health and safety challenges unique to northern Ontario, says Eger.

Dr. Eger went on to say, “Laurentian has some incredible programs and amazing students and faculty who prioritize research excellence, student success, and community engagement.”


Enhancing Communities

Talent development is one of the most significant contributions Laurentian University’s graduates offer their communities. According to Dr. Eger, “graduates who stay in the region, bring talent that benefits our entire regional economy and enhances businesses within the region so that they may continue to thrive.”

Graduates are drivers of economic growth by starting businesses, creating employment opportunities, and enhancing existing industries through their specialized knowledge. Their entrepreneurial spirit and expertise can catalyze local economies and contribute to regional development. Dr. Eger went on to highlight the flexibility of the Master’s of Business Administration program which is designed to allow students to study online or on-campus, as a “program that equips students with the leadership skills and business acumen needed by companies.”

Laurentian graduate students also play pivotal roles as mentors and educators in the community. Through teaching assistant positions, internships, or community outreach initiatives, they inspire, guide, and nurture the next generation of professionals and innovators. It is no wonder that they are highly sought after by employers for their strong innovation and problem-solving skills.

Consider Laurentian University

A graduate level education at Laurentian equips students with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary for success. Graduates offer novel ideas, innovative solutions, and discoveries that drive progress. Laurentian University’s global alumni network continues to make a positive contribution in northern Ontario and around the world.

By choosing to pursue graduate studies at Laurentian University, students have access to a transformative educational experience that equips them with the skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed in their careers and to make impactful contributions to their communities.

Consider enrolling in Laurentian University graduate studies. Applications are being accepted now for a Fall 2024 start.

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