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Find success right now in Barrie's booming job market

It is a job-seekers market, but having a thoughtful, tailored resume is still key

Job seekers are firmly in the driver’s seat this month as a wealth of positions steer the job market into employees’ favour. If you’re starting on the career path, re-entering the workforce with your second career, or looking to start in a new field of work, there’s never been a better time to start.

In Barrie, the manufacturing sector is ever-growing, with companies like Napoleon, Southmedic and CSR Cosmetic Solutions constantly expanding and looking for more staff. Finding quality staff is an enormous challenge for many current employers, and the need for great reliable candidates continues to grow in the Barrie area.

With a wealth of positions available, job seekers can afford to have their pick of the litter; but it all starts with a great application and resume. It’s your first impression for a potential employer and your official introduction as a candidate for the company.

Jonathan Duncan of Agilec in Barrie says it’s important for employees to tailor their resume to the job they’re applying for, not to apply with a stock resume for several different jobs.

Taking the time to tailor your cover letter and resume to the job position is another vital tip to put your application on the radar of employers.

“When you’re applying for a job, make sure you look at the job description to make sure that your resume has what they want in the job description,” Duncan said. “Don’t just have one resume and not change it and keep applying, applying and applying.”

In some cases, employers might receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for a single position. Sometimes, standing out from the crowd doesn’t entail printing your resume in different colours or choosing a wild font.

Candidates can stand out by matching many of the items inside the job description.

Resumes should be short and to the point, as concise as possible. Things like interests and hobbies, references, and even an employment objective is often unnecessary in a modern resume. Paring it down to a one or two-page resume is best in most cases.

Including the most relevant information at the very top of your resume is the best way to get noticed by a potential employer, summarizing what’s best about you and your skill set somewhere within the first 10 lines of the resume.

Think of your cover letter and resume as a movie trailer.

Make it enticing enough for the employer to make them want to see your movie. “All the resume needs to do is to get you that job interview. It’s not going to get you the job; it’s going to get you the job interview,” Duncan said.

Agilec can help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses and map out a plan for a candidate’s long-term aspirations. Whether that’s a senior management position or something even higher, with training and experience, it’s all possible.

“It’s up to them what they want,” Duncan said. “We’re going to help them. We’re going to support them.”

To get started on the next chapter of your career path, connect with an Agilec Employment Coach from their Barrie office and learn more at