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How to detox your living space - inside and out

The many benefits of electrolyzed alkaline and acidic water.

If there was a simple technology available that could optimize your health, minimize your impact on the planet, and reduce your toxic burden, would you try it?

Hydration expert Christina Schifitto, of Pure Vibes by Christina says ionizer technology enables people to produce their own acidic and alkaline waters, providing unlimited access to clean, ionized drinking water that reduces the consumption of bottled drinks.  

“In Canada, sixty per cent of plastic bottles are consumed in the home,” says Schifitto. “It’s unfortunate what we are doing to the planet with our lazy habits.”

The same technology that produces such clean and safe drinking water offers numerous other benefits and uses. 

Not only can it help curb our plastic bottle habit, but ionizer technology can also replace the need for toxic cleaners in our homes. Electrolyzed alkaline and acidic water is an effective and powerful disinfectant; it’s also gentle and environmentally sound.

These strong, cleansing waters can do even more. 

According to U.S. researchers, 1 in 8 of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are actually industrial chemicals. Ionized alkaline water can be used to create safe, 100 per cent natural beauty products, including facial toner or hair products. 

Ionized alkaline water can also be used to safely cleanse pesticides from produce. 

With recall after recall in the news, people are rightly worried about E. coli transmission. “There’s a lot of research supporting electrolyzed acidic water in killing the pathogens and microorganisms on fresh produce,” says Schifitto. This technology can also help if you wish to avoid using harsh pesticides in indoor and outdoor gardens. 

As useful as these waters can be in and around the home, many businesses who care about health and wellness are interested too. Schifitto works with restaurants, wellness retreats, dentists, beauty salons, and spa owners, in addition to homeowners.  

Dosti Eats is a popular diner on Bryne Drive in Barrie that recently launched using this technology. Not only do they use the waters to clean their produce, but also to avoid the use of chemicals when cleaning the restaurant. “They’re leaders in the community because they’re setting a higher standard: to eventually reduce plastic bottle waste, to be pesticide-free and to be toxic-free in cleaning the restaurant,” says Schifitto. “And it saves them tremendous money.”

Schifitto is the first to admit she is passionate about the subject. “It’s backwards how we live because we spend so much money on things that make us sick,” she says. “But if we were to get educated and become conscious consumers, we would actually have a far easier, more efficient solution. It’s a win-win-win across the board—you can get healthier, you can save money, and you can reduce your impact on the planet.”

Pure Vibes by Christina  will be at the Barrie Spring Garden & Home Show held at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery on March 14 -15.