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How to choose the perfect restaurant chairs – Tips and tricks

Chairs bring functionality and design together, an important decision for any restaurant owner

If you are currently planning for your new restaurant or renovating an already existing one, you’d surely know how hard the entire process is. Besides the chaotic financial stress, interiors planning and getting everything right is surely a great deal of mess.

We all know that the current customer base is focused on the ambiance and aesthetics of an eatery more than anything. In such a scenario, you would never want your restaurant to be that not-so-insta-worthy place, right?

This is why you need to be extra vigilant in making even the smallest decisions for your restaurant’s furniture and interiors. A very relevant aspect here has to be the seating you choose for your restaurant. While mostly ignored, restaurant seating is a vital part of how your entire restaurant would look.

This is why, below, we are going to share with you some working tips on picking the best restaurant chairs and other seating options to compliment your eatery’s entire vibe.

Without further ado, let us get into this:

Always Consider the Size and Space

You do not want your eatery to look over-crowded. You also would not want the customers to have to move the chairs and push them randomly to make their way to a specific table. This is why, it is important to invest in chairs that are the perfect size when compared to the space available in your restaurant.

It is better to invest in minimal chairs with no arm rests if you have less space. On the other hand, pretty much any chair will get along a huge dining area. When ensuring the perfect size of chairs, do not forgot to consider the comfort of sitting they can ensure. Also consider the size of the table with which you’d be pairing up those chairs and make sure both these furniture items get along well.

Match the Themes and Designs as a Whole

Many restaurant owners now decide to stick to a specific theme and color palette while doing the interiors of their space. The kinds of themes you have picked are surely going to decide the walls, ceiling, as well as the flooring of your restaurant. In such cases, it is easy to see why your furniture choices must be informed by the overall themes of the space.

You cannot expect to go out the box too much and set up chairs that have nothing to do with the overall vibe of the restaurant. This will totally ruin the aesthetics of the place and will also make it look cluttered. We suggest taking along a picture of restaurant’s space when you are out finding the chairs that can make a perfect match.

Consider the Expenditure, Always

If you are a passionate restaurant owner, it is natural that you would only want what is best for the restaurant. While this passion is great and can take you places, make sure you are not overspending on chairs just because they “look good to your eyes”.

Of course, you have to buy something that looks good when it comes to seating. But, also remember that you would be buying the chairs and other furniture pieces in bulk quantities. This means a chair that costs you somewhere around $40 is not an affordable option when you have to buy at least 200 of those. Hence, you need to take the costs a bit down.

At the same time, you also want to make sure that the chairs you are buying are neither too cheap. Such chairs won’t last very long and would incur further costs in lieu of maintenance and repairs. Thus, it is better to decide a realistic budget and stick to it as much as possible without compromising on the quality of chairs.

Treat Comfort as Your Foremost Priority

You do not want to invest in the most expensive chairs that also look great but provide no comfort when someone sits on them. While you might not know, many customers would simply rate a restaurant as pathetic because the seating over there did not let them enjoy their food with ease. This explains why you need to treat your restaurant’s furniture comfort as your topmost priority.

You need to invest in chairs that can accommodate both a skinny and a bulky customer alike without causing any discomfort for both. The material you go for and whether you choose to have padded or non-padded chairs are also some decisions that can largely define your restaurant’s seating.

Another consideration in terms of comfort should be whether or not the chairs will have arm rests or footrests. You need to choose a chair that has a very accommodating back for the clients to have an easy dining experience too.

All in all, comfort can be defined as anything that contributes to the experience of sitting, your chairs can provide and the level of accommodation your restaurant’s seating options have. Make sure to be as careful about these as you can be and you won’t regret spending your energies on this process of finding a comfortable chair ever.

Go For Chairs That Are Low Maintenance

With clients pouring in every other hour and hot entries being served right from your kitchen to the restaurant tables, you would have little time caring for the furniture and its cleanup. You cannot keep wiping the chairs and handles every time a customer gets up from them after finishing their meal. You can also not go about getting your chairs washed and repaired every other day.

Therefore, it is best to get yourself the chairs that are low-maintenance and do not require a lot of cleaning all the time. Going for dark colors and stain-proof, waterproof, and washable materials is also a worthy decision. However, no matter how low maintenance your furniture is, you still need to keep it clean and sanitize is regularly to give your customers a healthy and neat dining experience.

All the best with your restaurant’s new look.

Wishing you growth and success!