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From quitting smoking to PTSD – 5 areas where laser acupuncture can improve your health

Imagine Laserworks’ new Barrie location helps control over 160 health problems
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Canadians are becoming more aware of the dangers of prescription medications and their often addictive nature. Thankfully, Barrie residents looking for drug-free alternatives to improving their mental and physical health have a choice. Imagine Laserworks is the latest location of the global laser treatment centre company, which uses cutting-edge laser acupuncture to offer clients a healthier substitute for drug-based medical solutions.

“The ancient art of acupuncture combined with 21 st -century laser technology provides advanced drugless therapies for all areas of addiction and self-improvement,” said Ken Cork, certified low-level laser technician and owner of Imagine Laserworks. “Drugs are not the only option.”

While Cork understands that some people are hesitant to try “new age” therapies like laser acupuncture, he is quick to dispel any myth about their effectiveness in helping improve people’s lives. “Some people are hesitant because they feel it won’t work and that we wouldn’t stand behind what we’re doing,” said Cork, whose recently opened clinic offers a relaxing and calming environment for all visitors. “We stand 100 per cent behind our product and what we offer. Our main priority is that our clients are successful in their efforts. We want them to quit smoking, to lose weight, to manage their pain from a holistic approach.”

Of the 160 health issues that can be drastically improved through laser acupuncture sessions at the clinic, Cork says there are five primary areas where Imagine Laserworks can help affect positive change in individuals who are suffering:

1) Quitting smoking

“Our success rate is between 85 and 95 per cent for smoking cessation,” said Cork. “All those other treatments, like Champex and Zyban, the patch and even going cold turkey offer a less than 10 per cent success rate. You have a better chance of quitting cold turkey than using the patch.”

2) Losing Weight

“When we’re looking at weight loss, we speed up your metabolism, we decrease your appetite through appetite suppression, we control your hunger cravings, we increase your endorphin levels and we balance your hormones,” Cork explained. “When all that happens, the pounds and inches start taking care of themselves. When you hit all those points, it all helps your body to stay balanced so you can do what you need to do to stay healthy.”

3) Curbing addiction

“Auricular acupuncture for drug and alcohol addictions is a useful tool in relieving the symptoms of withdrawal, including decreasing the severity of cravings, body aches, headaches, migraines and muscle cramping,” said Cork. “People report they sleep better, feel less depressed and are more relaxed. Based on 3,000 years of Chinese medicine, auricular acupuncture is now being used in over 1,000 addiction centres across North America.”

4) Control pain

With more people leading sedentary lives and working at desks, Cork says laser acupuncture is a great way to deal with back and neck pain. “When we’re talking pain management it’s wherever it is in your body. However, I regularly do low and mid back pain sessions and have seen a lot of success. It can also help with hand pain for people constantly on keyboards.”

5) Treat PTSD

Cork says current and ex-military clients are enjoying positive effects from laser acupuncture. However, PTSD can happen to anyone, and the benefits of laser acupuncture sessions are many. “It can restore and maintain health, aid in balancing the nervous system, improve sleep quality, reduce nightmares, improve the ability to focus,” said Cork. “There are no side effects.”

Imagine Laserworks new location is at 102 Commerce Park Dr., Unit 10 in Barrie.