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Enrolment now open for picturesque rural private school

Choose Convoy International Secondary Academy’s storybook campus

Situated on 22 acres of picturesque land, adjacent to the celebrated Tiffin Conservation Area, Convoy International Secondary Academy (Convoy) stands as a Canadian beacon of academic excellence, growth and commitment to student success.

With Grade 9-12 admissions now open for September 2024, Convoy proudly reflects on its journey of investing in campus upgrades, doubling its student enrolment and achieving a remarkable 100 per cent student retention rate from the previous year.

Investment in excellence: Campus upgrades

With a commitment to providing a top-tier educational experience, Convoy has invested an additional $1.5 million in campus upgrades since 2021. These enhancements — including a driving range, student safety security, and campus accessibility — not only elevate the learning environment but also reflect the school’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of its students.

In anticipation of the growing number of international students, Convoy is already planning its next dorm expansion.


A true Canadian experience

Situated next door to the celebrated Tiffin Conservation Area, a 300-plus-acre property with four seasons of recreation and outdoor education, students have access to endless opportunities for safe exploration and environmental education. Convoy’s campus layout emphasizes not only academic rigour, but also supports essential life skills, such as time management and self-regulation, fostering independent and adaptive learners.

"Our campus exudes a quintessential Canadian vibe, offering students a unique blend of academic excellence and natural beauty," says principal Dr. Wesley Davis. "At Convoy, we strive to empower our students to become lifelong learners and global citizens equipped to navigate an ever-changing world."

Unprecedented growth and student retention

Since 2023, Convoy has seen an impressive surge in enrolment, marked by double-digit growth, an achievement which underscores the school’s dedication to fostering a supportive learning environment where every student thrives.

"Our students come in all forms, and it's our responsibility as educators to unlock their full potential," says Dr. Davis. "We believe in personalized attention and individualized support, ensuring that each student receives the guidance they need to excel academically and personally."

Meet Convoy staff and students at Kempenfest

This year, Convoy will be a sponsor at Barrie’s 52nd annual Kempenfest, a renowned local arts, culture, and community celebration festival. As part of this partnership, the school will host a booth in the youth area along Barrie’s waterfront from Aug. 2-5. The school is enthusiastic to highlight Convoy’s commitment to community engagement, and to provide their students with a unique opportunity for cultural enrichment, public presentation experience, and a connection to the local community.


Apply today!

Admission for this coming September 2024 is now open, and prospective students and families are invited to join Convoy, while space is still available.

"We are proud of this past school year’s achievements, and incredibly excited for the beginning of a new school year with our current students - and the new students we look forward to welcoming." notes Dr. Davis. "We invite students and families to choose a unique and transformative educational experience."

Convoy International Secondary Academy - Where Growth Meets Excellence. Apply today and unlock your child’s potential in a picturesque and supportive environment.