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Crazy Fox Bistro committed to quality food

The Bistro has served "quality without compromise" since 1986

The long-standing Barrie restaurant Crazy Fox Bistro knows the key to longevity in a tumultuous industry.

Co-owners David Ronald and wife Justine ensure they live up to his “quality without compromise” with every dish and every staff member they bring on-board.

“The previous owners started with that slogan, and when I took over I knew I had to keep up with it. It’s been six years since I took over, and I constantly want to be true to that promise,” said Ronald.

He has owned the Bistro for six years, but began working there 12 years ago. He began as a server and worked his way up to management.

“The previous owners were ready to retire, and I loved what I do. We hashed out a deal, and they passed the torch. I couldn’t be happier with my decision,” he said.

“This is true fine dining in Barrie, and it’s been open since 1986, which is an incredibly long time for a restaurant. We bring high-end food at a reasonable cost, and our slogan says it all. We strive for that every day. We have excellent products and great service to match.”

He says their commitment keeps people coming back, and that 75-80 per cent of folks who come through the doors are regulars who know and love the food. Ronald says it’s the demeanour of himself and his staff that provides a welcoming atmosphere as well.

“It seems like an easy answer, but my biggest happiness is from coming in and talking to the regulars. I also love bringing new folks in and introducing them to us. We provide great meals in a fun venue, an this team is just wonderful,” he said.

“We have close to 20 part-time and full-time staff, and the credit for the success goes to them. Our head chef Michael Forget was the Sous Chef because the previous owner was the head chef. When I took over, he took over the top chef gig. He’s just amazing, and really took the reins. Our sous chef Matthew Murray can fill in and is excellent, and our service staff are so lovely.”


He says folks in Barrie are really receptive to good food, and will seek out the Bistro to get their favourite dishes.

“We really care about the people and we’ve been around so long we’re part of the fabric of things. We buy our vegetables from Cookstown Greens and support local whenever possible. We keep people coming back because if we aren’t happy with a dish, it doesn’t go out. We put our best foot forward,” he said.

“We get involved with this community too. We work with and donate to Youth Reach, which helps underprivileged kids so they can play sports. This has been a long-time thing, and it comes down to this – If you can help others in your community and be in that position, you should give back.”

He says there are plenty of favourites his regulars come back for and he shakes things up with seasonal menus and dishes.

“The rack of lamb is huge, and the restaurant has been around so long that there are certain things we

just know we could never take off the menu. We run features, and for instance right now we have a lobster thermidore. We do fresh-shucked oysters with a mignonette sauce as well,” he said.

“Our Caesar salad is also huge. Our chef makes the dressing in-house and it’s just top-notch. We have seasonal drink features, a summer cocktail list, and we keep things fresh while keeping the classics.”

After all this years, people keep coming back, and Ronald is so grateful for the community in Barrie.

“The support is just amazing, and we wouldn’t still be here without it. People have been so good to us. The key to longevity is to not settle,” he said.

“We always find ways to improve, and we are always pushing to be better. We want people to be astounded by what we have to offer.”

For more information about the Crazy Fox Bistro in Barrie, visit them online here.