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Big Smoke Burger brings fresh and gourmet offerings to Barrie

Big Smoke Burger shares their commitment to quality in newly opened Barrie location

Barrie's culinary landscape just got a whole lot more exciting with the recent opening of Big Smoke Burger.

Big Smoke Burger: where freshness meets flavour

Big Smoke Burger prides itself on crafting gourmet burgers with an emphasis on freshness and quality. The burgers at Big Smoke are more than just a meal; they are a culinary experience featuring ingredients that are not only of top quality but also locally sourced whenever possible. 

The menu is a testament to their commitment to freshness, from the fresh herbs used in their distinct sauces to the fresh french fries that are never frozen.

Big Smoke offers a delightful array of dining options. Customers can indulge in hand-spun milkshakes, house-made sauces, and a variety of poutines, each adding a unique touch to the dining experience. Additionally, a selection of beverages is available, ensuring that there is something for every palate.

In every Big Smoke Burger location, burgers are grilled to order. The restaurant takes great pride in serving only the freshest beef, with their ground chuck specially made to their exact specifications. 

This commitment to quality is evident in their policy of using beef that is always fresh and never frozen, setting Big Smoke Burger apart in the fast-casual dining industry.

Unlike many quick-service options, their burgers boast real cheese and five-ounce 100 per cent Canadian beef patties.

The new franchise location in Barrie is more than just a burger joint; it's a rebranded vision. Sporting a fresh red, black, and white aesthetic and a revamped logo, Big Smoke Burger is eager to offer a new look without compromising on their tasty menu. 

One of the reasons franchisees choose Big Smoke Burger is their comprehensive menu, which caters to diverse tastes, including Halal options. 

Big Smoke Burger's uniqueness lies in its high-quality ingredients and variety of signature burger creations, including premium sides like fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries. 

The location on Bayfield Street promises high visibility and accessibility. 

"Our mission is to bring the city of Barrie a new gourmet burger place that everyone's been looking for and to have healthier and tastier food options in our community,” said the new owners.

“In a short time, we became a favourite place for many to dine in, and we promise to keep providing superior products and excellent service to the Barrie residents."

Check out their menu online and stop by Big Smoke Burger in Barrie today at 342 Bayfield St.