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Adams Funeral Home: Customized care for all families

The funeral home has been serving the community for over 15 years

Doug Adams opened Adams Funeral Home & Cremation Services (by Arbor Memorial) in 2007, and the establishment continues to be one of the most trusted names among local families today.

Whether a family requires at-need or pre-need services, they are met with professional, caring service and a range of products to help celebrate the life passed.

Matthew Davis, Licenced Funeral Director and Funeral Home Manager, says, “We are proud to offer every type of service from traditional with an open casket to a non-denominal celebration of life following a simple creation. Our facilities are designed to host and welcome families and their guests – including large groups. We have everything here on site for the service and the reception, which is convenient for all involved. For those unable to attend, we offer live streaming.”

Adams Funeral Home is pleased to offer Arbor Memorial’s Time to Remember™ packages, which focus on the passed loved one’s hobbies and interests. Packages are customizable for every budget and celebrate the interests of globe trotters, bakers, sports fans, music lovers and more. From the menu to music to visuals, these packages truly help provide a comforting farewell that steps away from tradition and focuses on the passions the loved one enjoyed so robustly while alive.

“We put families first by providing an array of customizable services and by also offering grief support for the surviving family members,” says Davis.

Adams Funeral Home is also very active in the community. They can be found sponsoring local sports organizations, contributing to fundraisers and working closely with the local hospice.

Davis concludes, “We are grateful to serve our community during times of celebration and times of need.”

Learn more about Adams Funeral Home online and on Facebook.