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Access elite athletic training and take the next step forward

Mind for Muscle Strength and Conditioning Centre offers custom training packages


aking it to “the big leagues” is the dream of any young athletic prodigy hoping to make a career playing their favourite sport. From an early age when talent is first recognized, proactive young athletes look to take advantage of every opportunity they can to develop and grow their talent in pursuit of their dream.

However, the odds of making the transition from a promising young star to an elite level professional athlete performing in a pro sports league are large. In fact, one study that tracked over 30,000 Ontario minor hockey players suggested that a player playing youth hockey has less than a 0.11 percent chance of playing in the National Hocky League if they continue to pursue their dream through their high school years.

Given those odds, it’s imperative for young athletes to find programs designed to enhance their sport-specific skills and overall athletic performance as they prepare to engage in higher competitive levels.

That’s where signing up to train with Mind to Muscle Strength and Conditioning Centre comes in.


Mind to Muscle is a specialized team of coaches that provide high-performance athletic development and rehabilitative strength and conditioning. The goal of the programs offered by the facility is to help talented young athletes develop the physical and mental tenacity needed to pursue their athletic dreams.

“Our primary targets are motivated athletes in a variety of sports including hockey, soccer, baseball, football, and basketball who are trying to progress to the next level” said Taylor Schaly, business manager at Mind to Muscle. “The individuals who train with us demonstrate hard work, determination, and eagerness, athletes who are ready to train alongside other high-level performers to push each other in pursuit of their goals.”


Mind to Muscle understands that every athlete is unique, and their programs cater to a diverse range of needs, levels, sports, and athletic goals. To meet these specific athletic development goals, objectives are developed through initial analysis of each athlete’s capabilities.

“To ensure our gym is the right fit for a new individual, we provide a free trial so athletes can come in and meet their coaches,” explained Schaly, whose father Rick Schaly was a former Barrie Colt and OHL Referee who opened the centre 25 years ago. “Within that first session we do an assessment to see what their levels are for strength training, agility, and conditioning to see where they are at in terms of mobility. Based on what we see we create a program designed to get them to that next level.”

As each athlete progresses through their training the programs are adjusted to ensure skills learned in the gym are applied to the sport they’re playing. Mental toughness is also critical to skills development, and Mind to Muscle programs are also designed to help young athletes deal with the mounting pressures that arise with each step forward according to Schaly.

“We offer a mental performance coach they can book in who helps them focus on their sport, but also to learn how to block out distractions and to deal with any mental struggles they may be having,” she said.

Through their unwavering dedication and expertise, they have not only shaped exceptional athletes but also enriched the entire community, leaving an indelible mark on Barrie's sports and recreation sector. One notable example of Mind to Muscle’s community involvement is the annual Mind to Muscle Cup event, where athletes who have honed their skills at the training facility showcase their talents on the ice. The game features top players from various leagues including NHL, OHL, NCAA, and CIS. This exciting event is free for all attendees. Charlie Horse from the Barrie Colts will be present, and free popcorn and Domino's pizza will be available for those who bring a food donation. The primary goal of the event is to support the Barrie Food Bank by restocking its shelves and helping those in need.

Mind to Muscle Strength and Conditioning Centre offers a variety of multi-visit package options that can be tailored to suit each athlete’s needs as well as custom packages for para-athletes. Current alumni of Mind to Muscle include Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jacob Ingham and St. Louis Blues defenceman Tyler Tucker. Many of the elite athletes training at the centre will be taking part in the aforementioned 9th annual Mind to Muscle Cup taking place July 30th at the Allendale Recreation Centre in Barrie.

For more information on the Mind to Muscle Cup and the training programs offered, visit Mind to Muscle online here.