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A flavourful journey around the world right here in Barrie

Sea Snap offers eclectic, elevated classics

Sometimes dining out is simply about satisfying hunger. But other times, it's about adventure – tasting flavours you've never encountered, and experiencing the vibrancy of faraway cultures. Sea Snap, Barrie's newest culinary gem, is here to take you on that journey.

"I’ve always had a real passion for food," says owner Arpit Modi. "I love bringing people together through flavours from all over the world." That passion is evident in every dish on Sea Snap's eclectic menu, where familiar favourites get a global twist.

A Menu with No Borders

Forget ordinary fish and chips. Sea Snap elevates the classics with a global twist. Their Goan Fish Curry simmers with Indian spices, its fragrant coconut milk adding a luxurious depth of flavour. For a taste of the tropics, their spicy tacos overflow with Caribbean-infused seafood, transporting you to sun-drenched shores. Even traditionalists will savour the perfectly crisp fish and chips, infused with Sea Snap's signature spice blend, a subtle yet irresistible touch.

But what truly sets Sea Snap apart is the commitment to creating a haven for everyone. "No one in Barrie offers vegan dishes like these," Modi explains. From plant-based twists on seafood favourites to vibrant, flavorful salads packed with exotic ingredients, Sea Snap ensures every diner feels welcome and delighted.


From Corporate Dining to Community Gem

Modi's background in the food supply chain may seem an unlikely start, but his love for the people of Barrie led him to this exciting venture. "Traveling from Mississauga every day is worth it when I get to bring something special to this community," he says.

Despite opening only a short three months ago, Sea Snap is already earning rave reviews. It's designed for more than just quick meals; with cozy seating for 24, plus beer, wine, and cocktails, Sea Snap encourages you to linger, savour, and connect over flavours that ignite conversations.


The Flavour Is Just the Beginning

Modi's vision for Sea Snap extends beyond the plate. "I see this as a place where people come together, celebrate cultures, and discover something new." Expect special events featuring cuisines from specific regions, hands-on cooking classes where you can learn the secrets behind Sea Snap's most popular dishes, and a commitment to community involvement that will further solidify its place in the heart of Barrie.

Whether seeking weeknight comfort food with an exciting twist or a weekend culinary adventure unlike any other, Sea Snap delivers. "We want to become part of Barrie's fabric," says Modi. "A place where everyone feels at home, no matter where their tastebuds take them."

Take Your Tastebuds on a Trip – Visit Sea Snap Today!
222 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie, ON | (705) 720 2577 | [email protected]

P.S.  Keep an eye on their website for exciting monthly promotions and upcoming events!