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Victim sells item, but receives no money

Police suggest using the police station's recorded parking lot for exchanges to reduce your chances of falling victim to online fraud
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BRADFORD - On Oct. 30, 2017, South Simcoe Police were called about being victim to an online scam. The victim received a call of an interested buyer of the items listed on a website. They agreed to meet at the seller's home and after the items were examined, the purchaser agreed to buy by paying via e-transfer. The transaction was witnessed by the seller but did not receive his money immediately but had no concerns of not getting them so he allowed the suspect to leave with items in hand.

Time passed and still no confirmation of funds being transferred. He tried numerous times to contact the purchaser but had no success.

Police remind people to be cautious when buying and selling online. Police also suggest using the police station's recorded parking lot for exchanges. This may decrease the chances of you becoming an online fraud victim. Protect yourself and your online transactions.