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Residents reminded to secure garage doors after e-bike theft

'It was determined that a deadbolt failed and this allowed for access to the garage,' Barrie police say after e-bike valued at $1,350 stolen
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Barrie police are urging local residents to make sure their garage doors are locked and secured following a theft earlier this week. 

Police say a side door to a garage was forced open and an e-bike that was stored in the garage was stolen.

The e-bike, which was new, is valued at more than $1,350.

"From the investigation that followed, it was determined that a deadbolt failed and this allowed for access to the garage," police said in a post on social media. "As a result, police are urging homeowners to check their deadbolts and replace them if necessary."

Although new lock kits come complete with screws, usually one and a half inches, police say it is "strongly recommended" that deadbolt and latch strike-plate screws be replaced with longer screws, up to three inches, if possible.

"The same can also be done with door hinges if the setup of your door permits," police say. "In garages, this is easier done as the interior walls are not often finished and the exposed walls can be easily reinforced by simply adding additional blocking or full lengths of wood if necessary."

For many, police point out the garage serves as a storage location for bicycles, lawn equipment and other seasonal tools or belongings that are not normally stored or left outside.

"When not near your garage, the door should always be closed and locked from the inside if there is no opener — a properly working garage door opener will not allow the garage door to be lifted from outside," police say.

Police suggest regular inspection of locks on your doors, windows, storm doors, patio doors and sliding doors is necessary and in some circumstances, additional locking mechanisms will provide the security to keep your home and possessions secure and where they belong.