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Purse goes missing after door-to-door salesperson allowed into home

Elderly couple allowed a man soliciting driveway sealing to enter their home. Shortly after he left, the homeowner noticed her purse was missing

INNISFIL - On Monday, April 2, 2018 around 9:30 a.m., South Simcoe Police Service was called to a home in Alcona for a report of a theft. An elderly couple said a man had knocked on the door soliciting driveway sealing. 

The couple allowed the man to enter the home where he left a phone number to call with regards to getting the driveway done. Before the man left, he asked to use the bathroom. He left immediately after that.  

A short time later, the woman noticed that her purse was missing. Neighbours out walking a dog later found the purse in the ditch on John St. It contained the woman's wallet and ID but a quantity of cash was missing.

The suspect is described as white, short in stature, in his 60s, and was driving a large, white pickup truck. He spoke with no accent.

Anyone with information or who had contact with an individual such as this, please contact South Simcoe Police Service so we may follow up.

South Simcoe Police Service cautions against allowing strangers into your house for any reason. If you are comfortable enough and feel safe allowing strangers in, please do not allow them to be unescorted within your house. You always have the option to direct them to the nearest coffee shop should they have a need to use the facilities.