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Police talk to parents after 'weed' found in young student's lunch

The father has a legal medical marijuana card
Barrie police car



Barrie Police Community Service Unit received an unusual call to a local school yesterday when a young student was not eating lunch.  

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017 a School Resource Officer was called to a Barrie area school by staff after suspected marijuana was found in a Grade 2 student’s lunch. 

Officers attended and located a cheese sandwich which had traces of marijuana leaves stuck to it. The young student was not eating lunch and when asked why by the teacher, responded that the sandwich had “weed from Dad's smokes”.  

The investigation led police to speak to the parents as well as Simcoe County Family Connexions in relation to the incident.  

The father did possess a legal medical marijuana card for medicinal use of the substance.  It is believed the residue was accidently left behind on the same counter top the sandwich was prepared that morning. 

At this time charges have not been laid in relation to the event. It was confirmed the substance was kept in a secure area away from the children in the house and advice was given to the parents for extra precautions for the future.  

Simcoe County Family Connexions will continue to follow-up to ensure there are no further concerns in the future.