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Police stop teenage driver on back-to-back days for speeding

'Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this young driver did not heed the advice that was offered the day before and got two reminders as a result,' says Barrie police official
2022-02-14 Barrie police stock
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A teenage driver from Innisfil apparently didn’t heed the warning to slow down after being pulled over by Barrie police on Mapleview Drive East not once but twice this week.

Traffic unit officers first stopped the 19-year-old G2-licence holder shortly after 3:30 p.m., Monday (Jan. 23) after he was allegedly spotted speeding in the area of Mapleview Drive and Yonge Street.

“He was speeding well over the 50 kilometre per hour posted speed limit," said Barrie police communications co-ordinator Peter Leon. "The officer spoke to the driver, recognizing he was a young driver, (including) the dangers of travelling in excess of the speed limit and the fact that he had expired temporary plates on the vehicle."

Nearly 24 hours later, police say the same officer found himself face-to-face with the teen for a second time for speeding. This time, police say the teen was clocked for driving 37 kilometres over the posted speed limit of 50 km/h.

“He did not have the licence-plate issue corrected and he was charged with speeding and driving with expired licence plates," Leon said. 

Mapleview Drive is one of the locations where Barrie police say they continuously receive complaints regarding speeding. Leon said the traffic unit will often set up at various locations along the road.

“It’s a pretty long, straight roadway and they will do various levels of enforcement," he said. "In the summertime, when we have the noisy vehicles out doing their thing, it could be Lakeshore Drive. In this case, it was Mapleview. They will set up at various locations and it just so happens that this is where they set up on Monday and set up at the same location Tuesday … and got the same driver almost at the same time.

"Wherever he may have been going, needless to say yesterday he was delayed in his arrival because he received two tickets.”

Speeding, especially when it’s that far over the speed limit, is extremely dangerous, especially when the driver only had his G2 licence, Leon added. 

“A ticket for anybody at any time can result in a reassessment somewhere down the road for what you pay for insurance for your vehicle, but the fact that you’re a relatively new driver … it shows how careful you have to be,” he said. “The teenager was given the opportunity to recognize the error they had made through a little bit of a roadside opportunity the officer (took) to provide some very valuable information.

"When he encountered the same vehicle the very next day, he had to deal with it by way of issuing enforcement," Leon added. “Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this young driver did not heed the advice that was offered the day before and got two reminders as a result.”