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Police looking for mother, daughter accused of animal neglect

Barrie police say they rescued three dogs, one of which required emergency surgery to remove a 'foreign body' from its stomach, but suspects are travelling with other animals

Barrie police have launched an investigation into animal neglect after several sick dogs and cats were discovered inside vehicles at a Bryne Drive hotel last week. 

On Friday, Jan. 27, city police were alerted to the issue. Police also received a complaint from a citizen who was worried for the well-being of these animals on Saturday and conducted a follow-up investigation.

"Responding officers expressed a genuine concern about the health and welfare of the animals and received assistance from the Ministry of the Solicitor General Animal Welfare Services," police said in a news release. "It was evident that a number of the animals were ill and required immediate veterinary care."

Three dogs were surrendered to the OSPCA Barrie Animal Centre and one, a German shepherd, required emergency surgery to remove a foreign body from its stomach, according to police. 

Police say the female owners of the animals involved in the investigation were "evasive and have manipulated the kindness of a number of local agencies and church organizations to obtain supplies and financial support for what appears to have been nothing more than part of elaborate scheme that was based upon a number of mistruths."

Barrie police followed up on the welfare of the animals and the two women who owned them, "but it would appear as if they left Barrie without paying the surgical costs that saved the life of the very ill German shepherd."

This dog remains now in the care of the Barrie OSPCA.

Police are requesting the assistance of the public in locating the two women, who are now wanted for offences under the Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.  

Police say the mother and daughter are believed to be travelling together in what are described as a beige 2008 Dodge Caravan and a grey/silver 2003 Toyota Highlander with a small utility trailer.

"Barrie police know from the ongoing investigation the names of the wanted females, who are 54 and 23 years of age, have their licence-plate information and know that they are from the Sarnia area," the police release stated. "However, right now, the primary concern is focused on the health and well-being of the other animals they are travelling with, which includes a number of recently born puppies."