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Loaded weapons 'strewn around' Yonge Street home, say police

A loaded sawed-off shotgun was found sitting on the arm of the couch
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The Barrie Police Tactical Support Unit raided a home Sunday evening and seized multiple loaded firearms, mini-cannons and a cane with a removable sword.

The large cache of weapons was found in a Barrie home on Yonge St. in the Minet's Point and Little Ave. area.

Police received a tip around 5 p.m. Sunday that a man who lives at the home had various unregistered long guns, handguns, ammunition and swords 'strewn around his residence.'

Officers were also told there was a loaded sawed off shotgun sitting on the arm of the couch with ammunition laying throughout the house.

 A 57-year old Barrie man was arrested without incident.

"He was cooperative with police and he did provide a statement to us. I don't have a lot of details on why he had all of them," said Barrie Police Const. Nicole Rodgers.

On Monday, police executed a search warrant on the residence and seized several weapons including five loaded long guns, one sawed off shotgun, 20 antique guns, two mini-cannons and a cane with a removable sword.

Officers also seized three unloaded long guns, one load bearing vest full of ammunition and an 'excessive amount' of ammo.

The find surprised police.

"There was a lot of firearms and a lot of prohibited weapons. The sawed off shotgun and the fact that the weapons were loaded was concerning and the amount of ammunition.  Not having proper storage was a big thing that's why we have the laws for the safety," said Rodgers.  

"Not having a license. Not having them stored properly and having prohibited weapons in such a large quantity is concerning for us, for sure."

A man has been charged with unauthorized possession of a weapon, careless use of firearm, weapon prohibited device or ammunition,  two counts of careless storage of a firearm, weapon, prohibited device or ammunition and possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm

He was held for a bail hearing on Tuesday.

Detectives are still processing the seized property and additional charges are pending. 

As far as weapons seizures go, police say this one is not typical. 

"I think this one is a little unique in the sense that often we deal with weapons calls when they have to do with additional crimes," said Rodgers. "You know you're dealing with maybe drug-related crimes or property crimes.  This was a little bit different in the sense that this male had them in his possession and we became aware that they were there and we were able to do the warrant and seize them because he was unlicensed and they were unregistered," said Rodgers.

"It's safe to say this is a little bit different in nature but a seizure of weapons none the less and because they were in his home and not taken care of properly but also could've ended up in the wrong hands."

Police say two men live at the home but one was out of town at the time of the raid.