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From Innisfil to Bradford, police were busy on marine and cottage traffic patrols

Marijuana, deficient equipment, lack of a competency card, a radar detector speeders and drunk drivers. South Simcoe Police found problems a plenty on the roads this weekend
South Simcoe Police station is pictured in this file photo. Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday



Marine Patrol

On Monday, May 22, 2017 Marine officers were out on Lake Simcoe checking boaters who were wrapping up the log weekend. Officers checked numerous boats from Innisfil to Bradford for proper equipment on vessels and for anyone who had been drinking.

Officers seized a quantity of marijuana from two boaters along with drug paraphernalia.

Officers also located three boaters who had been drinking. These boaters were tested and passed. Each was found to have deficient equipment for their vessels and issued violations.

One man was found to be operating a seadoo without a competency card (license) and was charged and escorted off the water.

Boaters are reminded to ensure that all required vessel equipment is on board and in proper working condition.

Never operate your boat after drinking!

Cottage traffic patrols

Traffic officers were out all day Monday monitoring traffic coming from cottage country. There were no major collisions on area roads but officers did charge 22 drivers with speeding.

As well, two of the speeding drivers were found to have been drinking and were given roadside tests. These drivers were found to be in the warn range and had their licenses suspended for three days.

One driver was caught with a radar detector as he tried to evade officers who were monitoring his speed. His radar detector was located by a traffic officer's radar detector - detector. The man has now lost his expensive radar detector and faces a $170 fine with three demerit points going to his driving record. Radar detectors are illegal to posses in Ontario.

Officers also charged a man who has been suspended from driving for the last 22 years. (It is alleged) this man had also been drinking and was in the warn range on a roadside test.

The man's vehicle was impounded and he will now see a judge to answer to the charge of driving under suspension.

Officers remind all motorists to slow down, drive safely and don't drink and drive!