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Rovers, Barrie Soccer Club sign affiliation agreement

Agreement will result in 'one of the largest soccer footprints in League1 Ontario'

Simcoe County Rovers FC are pleased to announce a new multi-year affiliation agreement with the Barrie Soccer Club (BSC).

The new affiliation will provide a complete player pathway to senior team football for approximately 3,000 youth male and female members within the BSC program. The new arrangement situates the Simcoe County Rovers and the City of Barrie with one of the largest soccer footprints in League1 Ontario.

The new affiliation agreement will see the club operate both a men’s and women’s League1 Premier division team and a total of four reserve teams playing in the U23 and U19 divisions beginning in 2024.

Simcoe County Rovers president Julian de Guzman said the club is excited about what the club has been able to accomplish in such a short time frame and is excited about taking the partnership with Barrie Soccer Club to new heights.

“Simcoe County Rovers FC are proud to have a partnership with Barrie Soccer Club. We are continuing to work to build more regional development and identification programs in the Huronia district as we look to support coaching development, share our curriculum and create a player pathway directly to Simcoe County Rovers FC for both men’s and women’s teams who compete in the L1O Premier divisions.”

The growth of soccer in Barrie is exciting news for aspiring youth players, coaches and supporters of the beautiful game.

“I commend the Simcoe County Rovers FC for an exceptional season resulting in a victory in the League1 Ontario championship,” said Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall. “Their hard work and dedication over the past two years, coupled with their collaborative efforts alongside the Barrie Soccer Club, has propelled the growth of soccer in our city and marks an exciting era for our community and aspiring players alike.”

“The Barrie Soccer Club is extremely excited to enter into a new exclusive affiliation agreement with the Simcoe County Rovers FC,” said Will Devillis, president of Barrie Soccer Club.

“The partnership has already started to pay dividends for young players within the Barrie Soccer Club, with several longtime players of the club receiving opportunities to play with the League1 Ontario club. The agreement and relationship between the Rovers FC and Barrie Soccer Club has created an incredible pathway for our young players, who strive to play at the highest levels in Canada. Along with the Barrie Soccer Club’s rich history in promoting players to university athletic scholarships, the club now has a professional pathway for players to take to achieve even bigger goals.

The strong, experienced ownership group of the Simcoe Rovers FC has been nothing short of amazing to work with and has helped the Barrie Soccer Club and our players secure a bright future for all players within the club.

We continue to move the Barrie Soccer Club forward, with the ‘player first’ mindset, and the Simcoe County Rovers affiliation has, and will continue to, push us forward.

Together, the Simcoe County Rovers and Barrie Soccer Club want to grow soccer in the Huronia district. John Copp, president of the Huronia District Soccer Association, said: “Huronia District Soccer Association (HDSA) is pleased to hear that the Simcoe County Rovers and Barrie Soccer Club have strengthened their partnership. Both organizations’ success has shown the region’s youth players that high-level soccer is available to them if they choose to follow a dream of playing professional sports. In two years, the Simcoe County Rovers’ team of players and administrators have created a winning culture in our sport. HDSA hopes that this culture will continue to prosper and lead to more local youth following their dreams.”

The Rovers are conducting trials for its women’s program on Dec. 22, 27 and 28 at the Aurora Dome.

The Rovers are conducting reserve trials for its men’s program Dec. 26, 28 and 29 at the Bradford Sports Dome.

For more information on the Simcoe County Rovers FC, including men’s and women’s trial dates and times, ticket purchase options and sponsorship opportunities, please visit