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Woohoo Lloyd!

RVH awards LLoyd Lawrence for spirit and motivating others
Blenkarn award winner 2016
David McCullough, chair RVH Foundation, Janice Skot, RVH president and CEO, Lloyd Lawrence and David Blenkarn



Last night during a donor appreciation event held at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH), long-time RVH friend Lloyd Lawrence was honoured with the David Blenkarn Spirit Award.

Named after the charismatic chair of the RVH Foundation’s ‘I Believe’ capital campaign, the award is given annually to people who inspire and motivate others to support RVH.

“This year we are thrilled to honour a remarkable individual who has been a stalwart RVH supporter for many years,” says David McCullough, chair RVH Foundation.

“He was on the RVH Board of Directors from 1990-1998 and chair in 1997. He was also a valuable member of the RVH Foundation Board from 2007 to 2016, establishing the Planned Giving Committee. He and his wife Mary are also generous donors to RVH and his passion and expertise in estate giving has helped us work with many donors and advisors on creating impactful legacy gifts supporting RVH.”

At the event, RVH’s donors were also treated to a walk-through of the health centre’s rich 119 year history and a glimpse into the health centre’s future.

Graphic displays, along with appearances by Barrie’s first physician, Dr. Archibald Pass, and former RVH superintendent Helen Shanahan (played by actors), told RVH’s fascinating story.

Dr. Chris Guest, Chief & Interim Medical Director, Imaging Services shared RVH’s innovation milestones and Janice Skot updated the crowd of 200 about future clinical priorities including advanced cardiac care and child and youth mental health.

“Last evening was an opportunity to thank our donors from across the region who help put great tools in great hands,” says Janice Skot, president and CEO, RVH. “Because of their generosity over the decades, we have been able to keep up with the best, leading-edge technology. Last night we took an inspiring walk down memory lane to show how far we have come. Next year is our 120th anniversary and we think it’s important to mark this milestone by sharing our amazing milestone with the public as well.”

The historical timeline will be on display over the next year in RVH’s main lobby.