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'Watchful eye': Barrie police offer home safety tips

With the warm weather now here, city police provide advice to keep the community safe, including voluntary security camera program
Barrie Police Service headquarters, located at 110 Fairview Dr.

The Barrie Police Service prides itself in keeping our community safe, but from time to time, it is necessary to provide homeowners with safety tips to ensure what belongs to you, remains yours.

Milder weather brings many out from the indoors to do yard work, general home-related maintenance and children to enjoy their outdoor recreation possessions.

For many, tools, yard-related equipment, outdoor supplies, bicycles, and sporting equipment are often kept in garages and an open garage door can serve as an invitation for curious persons to help themselves to anything that may be in your garage.

When working in the front of your property, you can monitor any unwelcome persons, but if you are working in the backyard or your children might be playing in the backyard with you, this is not possible.

The Barrie Police Service is recommending that when you cannot keep a watchful eye on your property, that all doors be closed and where possible, locked. This obviously includes garage doors and access doors that may lead from a rear deck or backyard area and any doors that lead into your home; this includes the front door, too.

Homeowners are also encouraged to always check that your garage and any entry doors are locked before going to bed and the same can be done with any cars parked in your driveway or in front of your home.

Keeping our community safe is our priority, and we encourage homeowners to do their part, too. Locking doors, turning on exterior lighting, the use of motion lighting and security cameras are all excellent ways to keep your home and your family safe.

For homeowners and business owners who may be interested, the Barrie Police Service has a security camera program that is a completely voluntary, free initiative that only asks residents and businesses to complete a brief registration form to identify the location of their external-facing cameras. If an incident happens in the area, police may contact you to ask if your camera captured any relevant footage.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please use the following link that will take you to the Barrie Police Service website where additional information can be located by clicking here.